Last Ninja Remake (System 3)

Great news for us nostalgics who grew up with the Commodore C-64. No space fight this time, but a truely classic is going to be remade by the original company System 3. Including a few of the original creators, including John Twiddy and Matt Gray who did the famous music for Last Ninja 2 (Central Park opening theme just to mention).

Kickstarter starts at the 3rd of February 2017 to do remakes of all three parts with some extensions.
Supported systems to be announced at the 13th of January.
Anyone else here who gets goosebumbs remembering Last Ninja from their childhoods?

Here is the full announcement from facebook from today.

Finally, the announcement that most of you have been waiting for. Last
Ninja celebrates its 30th Anniversary in 2017. To celebrate that, System
3 will release a remake to the Last Ninja series featuring Last Ninja
1,2 and 3. The games will have additional locations and puzzles to solve
plus an updated fighting system. The game will keep its isometric view
but allow the levels to be created in 3D to allow the player to zoom
into the action. Last Ninja will be made available to crowd funding on
Kick Starter on February 3 2017. We will have many of the original team
members working on this including John Twiddy and Matt Grey. Matt will
be assisted in the music department by the now legendary German team
Sound of Games. The art will be supervised and directed by Dan Malone,
Robin Levy and Joe Walker. An additional team of some 20 artists will be
under their care. Over the coming weeks we will announce the stretch
goals and on January 13 we will announce what machines we will be


I’m all behind this as long as they don’t re-create the horrible controls of the original.

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