Kickstarter question: forum badges and in-game rewards

Quick question here, probably best directed to @INovaeKeith or one of the crew (or a knowledgeable community member!).

With forum badges or in-game rewards from the Kickstarter, basically how will you know who (on these forum accounts) has pledged what tier (under their presumably real name) on Kickstarter?

I’m not part of the dev team nor I-Novae but I can add my 2 cents to answer this question.

Maybe they will just email backers with codes to enter in game which will grant you in game rewards.

I believe that when the kickstarter ends, you will be sent a form via email to fill out that should include your forum username/email. After backing I got a page that said “If this project is successfully funded, the creator will send you a survey to collect information needed to deliver your reward.”


Aha sounds promising. I really should start reading messages like that… :wink:

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