Kickstarter question: Different pledge levels, same reward

I’m a little confused on the spread of options for pledges.

For example: If I pledge $45 (X/1000 remaining), I’ll get:

  • All of the above.
  • A “Lunar Supporter” forum badge and accompanying in-game decal for all of your ships.
  • Access to private beta builds of the game (est. April, 2017) and associated development forums.
  • A digital limited edition googly-eyed asteroid bobble head for your cockpit.

But if I pledge $55 or more, I would receive the exact same reward - the only difference is that there isn’t a limited number available. Is it purely to incentivize early contributors? Or are there other rewards that are supposed to be listed?

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I believe it was to incentivize early contributors as you mentioned.

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Yeah it sounds like an early backer incentive. Part of the reason I snapped mine up, so I guess it works, at least on me.

Works for me. Now I just need to figure out how much to spend. Time is shorter these days than they were 7 years ago :-\

Yeah, Early Bird initiatives are quite common on Kickstarter. It’s a good way to get an early-campaign boost, before media coverage kicks in. Showing that you’re tracking to fund early on is a good way to actually make it there, which those also help. It also draws focus to the hero pledge tiers, as it lets you see how popular they are.

Well, I missed out on the early bird specials, haha.

Please back anyway…we’ll love you just the same!


Already did - considering adding more