Kickstarter - PULSAR: the Lost Colony

62 hours to go when posted and fully funded.

Basically seems to be a cross between Artemis Bridge Simulator, FTL and Star Citizen.

Including singleplayer with AI and 5 player online coop.

Clearly not going to be TerranAmbassador’s cup of tea with all that walking :laughing: But I’m pretty excited for it… what are your verdicts?

Yeah, it does mix the elements of a bunch of games, but I fear that could become a problem for a kickstarter asking for just 40k. The ship combat looked weird/boring, and if I wanted to walk inside starships, I could just wait for star citizen to come out. I don’t see what makes this game fun.

For me it’s the cooperative Artemis-Bridge-Simulator-esque part of the game… trying to coordinate together and managing power and focus etcetra while under pressure in a sort of Star Trek bridge like scenario.

I hear your fear about only 40k though… but hopefully it will live up to the core of the game at least which is the part I’m most interested in.

Guns of Icarus is nice example, that it can be done.
I see the potential, but unfortunatelly you cant back everything :slight_smile:
My money is reserved for Infinity, and maybe Mandate(that one is looking promising as well).

The project look breathtaking. Wish I could buy it if i have fellows but again, this look cool so far as gameplay as concerned.

But I can relate this to Cruiser Command map of Starcraft 2. Really enjoyed the teamwork aspects such as mining asteroids with a mining vessel or even gun to launch missiles and lasers. So this may be suited for me once i get the hanged of the gameplay mechanics and such.

I think they’re trying too much with too little, 40k is not gonna work at all

Anybody here still playing this. I’ve watched some Pulsar videos a while back but nothing from my regular YT channels. The Yogscast were the last group I think.

I’ve given this game some playtime, it can be pretty fun with the right group but unfortunately doesnt really have depth where away missions or space combat are concerned. Sure, your gunners need to be accurate and your helmsman needs to keep them pointed the right away but the combat is just too simple for interesting tactics to emerge. Lots of the crew jobs are so easy that you can comfortably multiman them while you send one or two people on a boarding run, which is nice then but gets dull the rest of the time.