Kickstarter Pledge Text Error?

I think I found an error concerning the pledge levels. Specifically the limited and unlimited 2500$ ones. I take it only the limited version should include the naming of the planets - however the unlimited one starts with the “all of the above” line just as all the other ones. This could and probably will result to any backers at that level thinking they’ll get to name planets too. Note that due to the “all of the above” lines this means all higher tiers are also affected.

I think (if this is the intention) you should point out that only the limited 2500$ tier is allowed to name planets. IIRC you can’t edit pledges, but a warning somewhere would probably save you guys some trouble down the road if it comes up.

Paging @INovaeKeith, @INovaeFlavien, etc.

Hope I’m not wasting your time. :smiley:

Hm I guess you are right, one could certainly interpret it that way. But you could also argue that “all of the above” means every reward above, that are available. You can not collect a reward that is not there because it was limited. In my opinion that is good enough.

From the Kickstarter help:

Limiting rewards.
You can limit the available quantity of any reward tier — because, well, if you were planning to hand-knit twenty scarves, you might not want pledges for 2,000 of them! Quantity limits can also create excitement around special-edition rewards or signed copies. Limited “early bird” rewards, where a certain number of backers get something for a slightly lower pledge, can also help build momentum during the project’s early days.

They could still edit the 2500 dollar unlimited reward and the 10k reward it seems. Might be worth it just to avoid confusion.


Ah correct: they can be edited so long as no one has pledged for them yet, see here.

I noticed that yesterday but forgot to mention it. “Excluding naming a planet or moon” can simply be added to the unlimited $2500 and $10,000 tiers.