Kickstarter perks

I just feel that upper level Kickstarter packages should include free DLC upgrades.

as far as I know, there won’t be any DLC’s, just the game.


If we end up releasing DLC we’re absolutely going to offer deals for our Kickstarter backers. The full extent of which depends if/when we release DLC and a multitude of things I can’t predict at this exact moment in time. We’re definitely not going to forget our backers though.


IIRC Kickstarter doesn’t validate campaigns that promise DLCs, extensions or promise non-guaranteed content because it is not part of the base goal / stretch goals. So we didn’t want to risk it.


Yes I would assume this would be a post-kickstarter thing like Elite did with its Expansion Pass

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Its not needed really, were pledging to see the game happen as is, not to get fancy stuff!

Though, I wouldnt mind to see solar system maps and charts and a ringbound user manual made available in time for release :wink:


Unless the KS tier specifically said we get free DLC then we are entitled to nothing. We can ask all we like of course, as long as we are polite while doing so, but we most likely won’t be getting it.

We haven’t made any promises on DLC as it’s far too early for us to have any reasonable idea on what we’ll be doing for DLC post-release.