Kickstarter payments outside USA

I didn’t really seen this posted, so:

As some of you know, kickstarter web uses amazon payment system.
And that is actually only available for US residents only!

Yes there are ways to go around it.
Not everyone will go those lengths to make it work.

So, my suggestion for you guys, is to think of some alternative ways (and not just one) to pledge.
Yeah, you most likely knew about this, but just…. don’t forget about it… us… rest of the world. :slight_smile:

I’ve had no issues submitting pledges here in Australia.

What country are you in?

Czech Rep.

According to the Kickstarter FAQ:

Can I pledge to projects internationally?

Yes! Anyone can pledge to Kickstarter projects, from anywhere in the world. The only requirement is a major credit card.

You should be able to pledge as long as your credit card is a Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

Works fine from Liechtenstein too. Maybe you misinterpretet something.

IIRC, you can pay for Kickstarter with Paypal, not just Amazon.

From their FAQ:

Can I pledge with Paypal?
We support most major credit cards, but we do not support payment with Paypal at this time.

Weird, I was pretty sure I pledged with Paypal last time I backed a Kickstarter project… I must have confused with something else.

Well, Elite Dangerous campaign got only started by Frontier Developments, when payments from the UK became possible. Maybe it has indeed changed since then.

[edit] If I recall correctly!

This Kickstarter is from the UK. I should think people in the UK can donate to it. It also uses the pound symbol and not the dollar symbol.

Worthing, United Kingdom
74% funded
£14,889 pledged
days to go

You can try and google it. Plenty of people had same experience.
And i am not talking about past experince. Week ago i was trying to back The Mandate.
Here are the steps:
You click: back this project
next you choose amount of money you want to send
and now you arrive on page that after pushing a button “continue to amazon” will redirect you to… well amazon.

In any of those steps you have no option to choose diferent payment method, non whatsoever.

At amazon you will encounter funny greyed out option to chose country (locked to US)
and after atempting to go through it anyway you get error message.

Ask devs of the Mandate why they set up paypal backing on website in way of donation.(
read this:

That’s fun. As I recall Elite Dangerous campaign was started after Kickstarter started accepting campaigns from other countries than US and Canada - you know, the thing they’d actually have to jump through legal hoops to do rather than the thing literally thousands of websites do as a matter of course, because banks and credit card companies all over the world sorted out the legal issues years ago. I could be remembering it incorrectly, of course.

But yeah, you’ll need a credit card to pledge on Kickstarter. Or a debit card, Visa Electron works great (or did when I had one). Having been to Prague I’m pretty sure you have access to the technology in your country.

Honestly, though, why would you not have at least a debit card? If you have a bank account, and I don’t see how you expect to do anything on the internet, call your bank and ask for one. They’ll be happy to send it to you. It might cost you a bit of money, but then again you’re talking about throwing your money at people because they’re trying to make a game you might want to play at some point in the future - I suspect you might be able to spare a few euro without starving because of it.

Or if you’re too lazy to pick up your phone, just don’t pledge. Buy the game when it’s finished.

Oh i have credit card mate.
It works in every shop around the world.
thats not the issue.
Issue is, Amazone web site is blocking transactions from my country. (and my country is not the only one)
I shouldnt have posted that forum link its missleading.

UK Kickstarter uses Paypal instead of Amazon