Kickstarter Milestone and Excited Keyboard Bashing Thread (111% FUNDED)

40,000 already! Ehehehehehehehehehh!

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Look at him teasing :slight_smile:

500 backers within 3 hours! That’s amazing!

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It just showed up on the main ‘Discover’ page for me.


seriously how long is it on ? few hours ?
and you were woried :slight_smile:

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It’s currently sitting at 13% funded. Funding curves peak very early and then plummet drastically after the first 2 or 3 days, picking up again at the end. Unless it’s fully funded by Friday, there’s no guarantee it will reach the minimum funding level.

There’s still 5 or 6 hours before North Americans get home from work, so there will hopefully be a big boost around then. Maybe by that time the KS will get picked up by the gaming media.


There will be another boost if any mainstream gaming sites pick up the story.

I’d be really confused if they didn’t.


Yeah, it hasn’t even hit IndieDB yet. Hopefully it’ll get picked up by the gaming sites sometime within the next 3 or 4 hours, just in time to hit the tubes before the North American audience gets home.

Congrats on breaking through 2^9 backer.

quick question,

when is the eta on Battlescape once funded? On KS, it says delivery for the pledges is Sep 2017. Is this full completion or should we expect to see Alpha/Beta before then?

That is for the full release of the game. The Dev/Alpha/Beta tiers should come sooner with the Dev coming out a few months after the Kickstarter finishes.

Alpha is listed as estimated delivery on October 2016, so 1 year from now. Beta is listed as estimated for April 2017.

600 backers! Currently sitting at $47.5K

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thanks guys!

:star: :star: 50.000 :star: :star:


50K after just a few hours, It may get above 100K by this evening or even more at this rate!


53K! Almost 54!!!

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I’ve raised my pledge and the total’s ticking ever upwards! I know nothing about Kickstarter but this looks like a good start :slight_smile:

And it’s moved to the 8th most popular project.

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This is an awesome start. :smiley:

I have really high hopes for this! :sunny:


Approaching 60 000…