Kickstarter and the Elephant in the Room

Just so you know, you’re talking to the guy who, if memory serves, made that announcement. Everyone with a “Inovae-” prefix is a dev.

Except GDC is on the 17th. There definitely was that announcement of “before the GDC”, now that I think of it, but the same person later says that the kickstarter is going to be out “before the summer”

I don’t know what to tell you. I was simply making you aware that you were talking to one of the devs about which you spoke.

Yup baffled as you are… it would be nice to hear some more information.

I personally have stated that we were trying to release it before GDC. At this point I can tell you with 100% certainty that won’t happen. We’re still finishing up one of the central, and largest, art assets for the video and we still have a couple of technical things we’re polishing off. We’re doing our best to get it out ASAP. We haven’t been releasing many new screen shots because we want to save that content for the video so sorry if it seems like we’re back in a period of darkness.

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When the date came closer I guessed you wouldn’t make it.
But as I said … I know your ETAs :slight_smile:

It can be difficult to estimate timelines when most of the team is working in their spare time. Things come up and people’s availability is variable. We do the best we can.

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The Greenwich Demonic Calender is WRONG?!? How EVIL!!!


HAH! That made me snort.

I feel with you. My University’s currently aiming to have a satellite ready for launch before GDC (actual phrasing is “by the end of next week” but as I understand it that’s before GDC, too) - and our team at least gets points if not actual pay to work on it.

Making a game like Infinity - which, btw, requires a lot more programming than an actual satellite - on spare time must be a nightmare. And a dream come true if and when it works out.

I have not kept track of my hours specifically, but I have spent a good ~2-3 man years working on Infinity since 2007 (on top of a 50-60 hr a week fulltime job). It’s been a very evolving/iterative process for both the coders and the artists. It’s also been rather fluid in terms of personnel. It can be tough to get everyone on the same page at the same speed at the same time, but the past couple of years has been the most coherent for our team.

It’s obviously a passion for those of us that have stayed with it this long, because it is difficult, pro bono work. For myself, the way I always rationalize the long hours, the weekends where I do nothing but sit in my basement working, is to think of it in terms of replacing gaming with game development. I did a fair amount of gaming before I started on this project, since then, very little. I guess I feel game development is more productive than game playing :smile:

I can’t say I have ever considered this process to be a nightmare, it’s actually been exciting the whole 7 years for me, and should get a lot more exciting soon. I do however think game developers are masochists…


Something I’d love to see is you actually sticking to statements that you make in devblogs. And before you get me wrong, I’m not talking about finishing on deadlines, I’m more worried about this part in particular:

Tentatively I’d like to say we’ll be at or near completion in time for GDC in mid-March however there’s a lot of moving pieces so we’ll keep everybody posted if that changes.

Please do so :slight_smile: I’d kinda expect that after saying stuff like that in an official devblog, I’d be able to get a bit more news about the project without browsing trough the forums for a half hour. Answering to questions directly asked about the finish date is not “keeping people posted”. I understand that you have limited time, and I clearly have no idea about your schedule, so I’m not a good judge of the situation. However, since we are talking about organizing a crowdfunding event, keeping your community up to date could be worth a tweet a week about stuff like “well actually, we are late by a few months…” Being honest and open is the best approach in my opinion.

Edit: Then again, I love what you guys do and trust you that you all want and try to give your best :slight_smile: So please take this as constructive. Looking back at my post it does sound rather negative.


I agree. They did not notify us at all about the changes, and one dev stated the GDC date in one random posts while other devs never said anything about it. Yeah, i’d say notify us if something changes.

Sorry that’s my bad, I need to write up a new blog post here shortly. @Aleon no worries on sounding negative, we appreciate constructive criticism =).

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