Kichae's Corner

I would like to make a proposal that Kichea give his or her real name and the observatory he presently works at and be given an official thread on the form called ‘Kichae’s Corner’ where people can discuss and debate real science; this would be an added bonus to I-Novae having a professional astronomer on-board and it may even resolve some of the issues around real science and gaming.

That would be the science thread. Please stop being such a jackass and singling someone out because you prefer to deface someone you disagree with rather than arguing their points.

I’m requesting that this thread is closed since it serves no purpose.


I’m serious. What is wrong with having an astronomer on the team? I think it could be pretty cool. Look at Neil Degrasse Tyson, he is out there and promoting science.

If you do any research on past threads you will see many many questions of the nature directed towards him. Off the top of my head this includes discussions with the devs on atmospheric scattering and many other members, including myself, on various topics.

I don’t see what your problem is. Kichae has already said he would prove he is a professional astronomer…and if indeed he is then lets add some professional heft to the forums.

I can confirm Kichae is who he says he is, he has worked with me on the official Infinity writers team in the past and his knowledge of astronomy was very valuable there. You’re fairly new here but just for your information I was once the lead story writer for Infinity: The Quest For Earth.

I can also confirm that this topic is crass and unsavoury and I’m flagging it to be closed.


Then I concede he is a professional astronomer. But still think he should have has own post - it would definitely add to I-Novae.

How nice of you to volunteer someone else’s time for this purpose.

I hope you wont be offended if he has better things to be doing.


Hey, if someone suggested I contribute something I would take that as a compliment. Whether I have the time or not would be up to me.

It’s fine. I said I’d validate who I am, and I believe I’ve done so.


I worked too long, and too hard, and I lost too much, to not display my credentials as loudly as I can or want.


And Kichae is indeed who he says he is which is refreshing in cyber space. But seriously, it would be cool to have a Kichae’s Corner to discuss real science. If he isn’t too busy to volunteer his time that is.

Usually people just @Kichae me if they have questions.

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Yes, that works, but there is nothing about you being a professional astronomer in your profile - not that I can see. It really helps to have information, especially if claims are being made about one’s profession. Of course anyone can write anything in their profile but some information would help, even an abbreviation here and there.

Alright everyone lets relax. @Zen made a suggestion, some people didn’t agree, and yes we already have a science thread for sciency type discussions. It should be noted that we have a number of astronomers, physicists, etc who are fans of this game and we’re interested in hearing their feedback as well as feedback from everybody else as we try to make a game that stays as true to science as possible while still being fun.