Just A Quick Hi

Just A Quick Hi

I pledged for this game ages ago and didn’t even realised I had access to the Alpha testing (too late for this weekend), so I kind of forgot about it, so having realised my idiotic mistake I thought I’d just say hi and ask if anyone has any advice for me ?

I play Elite Dangerous quite a bit and have a HOTAS, ED Tracker and Voice Attack, and was wondering if any of these could be used for this game.

I have started a You Tube channel and would love to do a playlist on this game so was wondering about player cameras etcp

All that aside, glad to be here and look forward to chatting on the forum and seeing you in game



Welcome @TiddlyOggy!

Good that you still made it.

Here’s a fresh tutorial that may be of use for you:

Even though some of what you listed could be used currently I do not recommend trying it now. It’s not user friendly to set up (no ingame input configuration) and it takes quite some time. Rather use that time to enjoy the game with the default mappings for now.

Player cameras? I don’t exactly understand what you mean but you are free to show the game arround as much as you wish as long as you point out that it’s still in pre-alpha and most stuff is still placeholder.

If you have any more question feel free to ask here or join us on the discord:

Have fun!


Hi Lomsor

Thanks for that, very helpful. What I mean by player cameras is I can view from outside the ship, very good for more cinematic video work, here’s an example of some ObsidianAnt work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hQOTb4RPuY

There is an outside view (Press F2) and you can rotate it by pressing and holding Left-Controll key. To get back to the cockpit press F1. To toggle HUD press F3.

It’s not as cinematic as Elites, but that’s quite hard to beat.