Just a list of suggestions

Suggestion #1: Make different kinds of ships in each class.
e.g. A type of interceptor would be called “Speeder” and would be faster than other kinds of interceptors, while another type of interceptor would be called “Rock” and would be a lot more durable than other interceptors. Neither is really better than the other, they just play differently.

I believe keeping the current ships as the default in each ship class and adding variants that the players must unlock through game play would really drive people to stay and play. Game play affecting items tend to attract people more than cosmetics do.

Suggestion #2: Dedicated PvE mode
To avoid an experience curve that may drive away newer players is a PvE mode. Basically this PvE mode would be the current game but all the players are on 1 team. The AI in this mode would be rather, ehem… stupid. Some rewards can be earned in this mode, but they would be largely nerfed and worse than ones that can be earned through PvP, but it would allow new players (and veterans who need a break from PvP) a chance to get to grips with the game and allow them to play with the bigger ships.

Suggestion #3: Squadrons
For squadrons I am thinking basically the planetside 2 platoon system but in this game. Yea, the game with it’s current playerbase doesn’t really warrant a system like that yet, but i believe even in it’s current state a squad system would help rally members of both of the factions so we don’t end up with situations such as Havoc members being annihilate because they can’t group up for crap.

Sorry if I broke several rules with this. First time using a forum and I didn’t see any rules posted.

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Welcome to the forums! We’re a pretty good group here, none of us bite that hard.

You’ll be pleased to hear that 2/3 of your suggestions or something similar are already planned for the future (iirc). :slight_smile:

The dedicated PvE mode might not happen, but there will probably be an offline mode in the future, pretty bare-bones, focused more for exploration, but definitely aimed at helping new players with learning how the game works.

Greater player interaction is also planned. I’m not sure all that the devs have in mind but it should have the effect that players can group up easily in game to complete objectives.

As per your first suggestion, I believe there was a third strike craft concept, the fighter, that was projected as a tanky dogfighter, but was scrapped in favor of only having the interceptor.

Unfortunately, as this game has a small dev team, there’s only so much that can happen at any one time, and currently core game features need to be implemented first before some of the nice-to-haves can be worked on.


Yea, I totally get that. Great job so far!


With the ship upgrades system that is coming, ship systems will be customizable to refine their role/purpose.

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