It would be cool to have a countdown clock for the kickstarter


I would really like to see a Countdown timer as well. If you run into problems put up a “teaser” video after the countdown finishes and another countdown :smile:

I can’t get a count of the things they have left to do let alone count down. :confused:

You don’t want that list, it’ll keep you awake at night like it does for us.


How close are you to launching your kick starter? Are you going to make your GDC deadline?

Just curious :smile:

No it won’t launch before GDC, we’re currently aiming for sometime in May.


Just curious what is taking so long for the kick starter? I am not trying to be critical or anything just I want this to come to life. I also have money set aside for this event.

If there is anything I can help with please let me know. Whether it is forum moderation or 3D Art. Please fill us in.

This about sum it up?


Haha perhaps a little bit. We need to raise a fairly good chunk of money and obviously that significantly raises the required quality bar. We have a few technical things we’re wrapping up and our art team is putting the finishing touches on a couple of assets. Hopefully that will all be done by the end of this month. We also have to finish the Battlescape website, write the scripts, record the live action video, produce the final composited videos, finish the music, and finalize our pledge tiers along with their associated rewards.

Lot of work :\


(and being awake at night corresponds to being back to the workstation! :stuck_out_tongue:)

The combat prototype is fun? hahaha maybe to the 20 people who played it.
“They haven’t made a game yet”, IE they are working on the engine I am not talking about all games ever made by them but they haven’t made any using the engine and we have yet to see them make a fun game with the engine combat prototype was a combat prototype it was not suppose to be fun and wasn’t fun.

I would be content with a count, no need for a list here. :wink:

My understanding is that the engine is done. there working on the game only.

The engine isn’t done, we’re still wrapping up a few things.

*isn’t ready.

Done - not started. Done - not ready… Same diff. 6 of 1 half a dozen isn’t it. You say potatoes I say tomatoes :wink:

Really is software ever really done. (Finished, no more work needed on it.)

I still want the list :stuck_out_tongue:

Careful Keith, or someone will start thinking you’re handing out actual deadlines… :stuck_out_tongue: Keep up the hard work and keep making that list smaller! While the engine isn’t “done”, it was already looking awesome several years ago, so I can wait a little longer to see what you’ve done with it.

Perhaps you should adopt the theory of Soon.

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8o But I recall you trying to sell it!?!


Purple? What is this about?

Sell the engine’s development, not directly the software itself.