It would be cool to have a countdown clock for the kickstarter

I know it would be kinda hard to set a date, but this would gather up some hype for the kickstarter. Personally would like to see a timer on .

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It’s true, Star Citicen did something simmilar and it got me hyped … even watched the lifestream at work (after logging out at the work-time clock of course) after the countdown.
Hype is gone now though. But still efective for me.

I made a personal countdown for the beginning of GDC …

In conclusion:
Yes after its uploaded on the KS page and 1000000% sure it will hapen by then.

Why not a count up clock?

  1. It’d demonstrate that I-Novae is innovative.
  2. It’ll be a good way to measure how long we’ve been waiting. The fact we’d like to watch the clock means we’re still waiting and still anticipative

I’m just fooling around, but haha I think it’d also be kinda useful for both I-Novae and ourselves as fans to have an explicit deadline. Keith said they’ll release a design document (the Kickstarter design document) before they launch it, so that’ll be a useful indication – though vague – without any hint on whether it might be a week, a few days or only hours before the launch.

If they did a clock like Nasa launching a spaceship would people be upset with the clock stopping? “T minus four hours and holding.” What would the death rate be?

bentware regardless of launch delay they still have a launch countdown.

Why have the DEV Team trying to keep to clock, what will be will be.

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Because I’ve gotta pretend I agree with someone sometimes.

Yes what will be will be lozza and lets hope this faith we have in the game doing good on kickstarter comes true because people want to see dedication not off and on fling and I hope the devs can handle it because all they have shown so far is an off and on fling with developing a "game"edited I mean engine, they have not done work on developing a game since the prototype and we have yet to see what game they can actually make.

I have some criticism about the developers and infinity, but don’t see it as an act of malice or some weird aggression I am passionate about the game and want the best for it and have been waiting for more then 4 years patiently through the lack of any development and news some lasting 6+ months.

Most people will not be this way, they will want info and when the floodgates open… I hope the devs can handle it because they have shown that interaction with the community is not their strong suit.

I agree with your post, yet not this line.

Keith for one is very active, here and Twitter. What would you prefer the Devs on the forums looking trough every thread/post, or spending what time they have on getting the KS ready, silly question aye… The Devs have said there hasn’t been allot of screen shots, videos as they are building, saving and preparing all that for the KS, so updates or eye candy at this point has kinda halted

As someone who saw it first on ModDB and contributed to designs I have watched it over the years, I too want it to succeed greatly. The News of the KS, the engine development is another step in I-Novae life, its great news. Bear in mind, because of the time taken so far, or the off and on fling, there would be no engine, no engine, no game/s ever.

I both agree and disagree.

Yes, it’s better to have something nicely done (or not too ugly, depends on the point of view :smile:) , which takes time and therefore could not be released as early as expected.

And yet, you can’t keep saying “it will be ready when it will be” because the frustration grows. Unless you’re Blizzard. And even they got a lot of people regularly pissed off with that politic.

It’s always a delicate problem deciding when something is ready enough. The devil is in the details as they say. Still, I guess it will get a lot better after the KS if the DEV team works full time on I:B.

Anywamy, back to the main point : the true question is rather “Do we really need a timer to the KS date if this one is defined” ?
Something simple yet classy would still do the trick.

I say no we don’t need it :wink:

Yet I’ll start the clock, click - 8,553,600 seconds and counting.

So if we can’t have a clock then how about a “number of things to be ready” before the Kickstarter can open?
And “the game” doesn’t count.

Go Purple.

I just hope Keith and the devs can even show half the dedication of josh parnell.

I’m quite sure they’re working just as hard. I’d personally disagree with a few aspects of their approach, but other than that I think they’re doing pretty cool. Josh Parnell is good at exaggerating his work day. Me too, but I don’t share it with people.

Undoubtedly, the quality behind this game (Battlescape) will blow your pants off.

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They haven’t actually made a game yet they are working on the engine, we have yet to see if they can make an actual fun game.

That’s because they haven’t launched the Kickstarter yet. Maybe you should contribute funds if you want to see.

(have you heard of the Infinity Combat prototype, derp? They released it years before Josh Parnell released his prototype, and it was mountains better. Their engine is still mountains ahead of Josh Parnell’s. Look who’s cool now)


ALSO. This statement only applies to Josh Parnell. I’ve seen some of Flaviens game projects before he was known for Infinity:TQFE

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Now I will close with this statement (i.e. you really can’t judge them because you don’t know the difference between apples and cheese)

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Sidenote: I also disgree with more aspects of Josh Parnell’s approach than I do with theirs.

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