Is Star Citizen a scam?

No ! Jackass ! rofl :smiley:

Your turn to arg @Zen !

(it’s a joke to clear the atmosphere. Post here your facts on what makes it a real possibility and I’ll try to think about it before answering)

… Really?

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Yes, seriously. The first post is a joke, but there is a non-negligible number of people that doubt about CR intentions, I think it deserves a real debate, that here will not pollute the initial thread, where me and a lot of people go to talk about news, and not to debate on the same ghosts on every post.

The range of opinions from people you list under that banner span from ‘I’m a little unhappy with how the game’s development has been managed, but I’m still looking forward to playing the game when it does get finished.’ to ‘CHRIS ROBERTS MURDERED MY PET DOG!’ :wink:

Locked, because I do not think we need another SC thread, especially when the title of this one is so provocative. You’re free to debate the pros/cons of SC’s development but please, there’s no need to bait people into a flame war.