IRC w/ Windowed Mode

I have been giving thought into how communications can be dealt with upon Infinity:Battlescape logging. In all likelihood, Keith and @INovaeFlavien have a chat setup integrated within their engine. Taking chat a step farther by the use of IRC networks would be practical for a more personalized configuration. This of course would only apply if users were given a option to opt out of maximized mode and replaced by windowed mode.

Feel free to add pros and cons to IRC outside of online games. Contributing might give I-Novae Studios a better determination if whether or not the addition of windowed mode is a viable option.

Are you talking about IRC integration into our games? We already have an IRC channel: #infinitygame on

No. I was referring to having the ability to adjust the screen size within Battlescape’s options menu. A way to play in windowed mode as opposed to only a full screen mode so that players could use their own IRC channels while still having connection to the game server.

All theoretical since none of us know how the engine will work, how the game’s will play, if Battlescape will have built in chat and so forth.

I’m sure the engine will give players the option of windowed/fullscreen mode and setting custom resolutions. That’s pretty common.
Equally there’d be nothing preventing you from switching focus to another application like an IRC client.

What I don’t understand is how this would be ‘taking chat a step further’.

Regarding integrating IRC:
There are games (Intruder comes to mind) that use IRC for in-game chat.
I’d imagine this being more useful in the MMO than Battlescape.

I’m sure I remember another game with in-game IRC. Maybe that was an Uplink mod though

Let me check… year starts on “2”, game name does not include “souls”, and genre includes online multiplayer.

I can say with a high degree of certainty that Battlescape will have built in chat and/or VoIP.

It’s self explanatory. At least for myself, I find IRC to be an interesting tool as it can be used to communicate about “things” in a private manner. I do agree in the words of IRC to be more useful in a MMO game. Perceive this how you want but figured I’d at least throw it out for discussion.

Okay, thanks for your own certainty; however, that was not the purpose of the topic. The intention was for an exchange of views regarding IRC as a whole.

I see. If I can be brutally honest, the replies so far leads me to believe it was not my lack of English comprehension that prevented me from divining your intentions with regards to the topic.

I know, I know, it’s my own fault for not learning telepathy sooner, but I just haven’t had the time.