Invisible station bug

Not sure if this is the right place to report this but I encountered a bug in Infinity: Battlescape Alpha.
An enemy station is entirely invisible and seems mostly not there (no collision).
However at least some of the turrets appear and when you fire targeted missiles at it they seem to explode hitting something, stations position I guess (the “station” is target able).
The problem remained after restarting the game. The station is called Hayward Fac (at the moment of posting the bug is still on the live server)

I’m including screenshot (I have more but can only upload 1 as a new user). I can’t upload the logs as they are txt files and the forum only supports image types. I can send them to a crew member on Discord if you want, my name there is ‘Nali’ too.
I wish I could be of more help, but this seems to be an internal problem. If there is anything more you need, let me know!

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You can also post them as a pastebin link, the logs.

Thanks for the report. I’ve already fixed the bug internally; will go live in this week-end’s patch.


Is this the correct forum for posting bug reports by the way?

There are several threads for making a bug report.
We used to be able to report bugs by way of the game launcher. I feel most people are much more likely to make reports there rather than having to make a special trip to the forums. Due to time constraints or what have you. Hopefully one day it makes a return on the launcher menu.