Interview with 80-level about I-Novae Studios

Keith gave an interview to 80-level a while ago and it just got published:

This is really a great interview and will tell you a lot about the human side of our development. If you even have the slightest interest in our project, I strongly recommand you listen to it, it’s about 45’ long and goes in great length about our experiences, story, who were are, how things went in the past years, how we’re building the tech and the game :smile:

Note: it’s more about the company and less about Battlescape or the Kickstarter itself though. Don’t expect any gameplay details.


A really nice interview. Both to read and to listen to.

A lot of new and interesting background info of the story how I-Novae came to be and a more personal view of things, thanks.

I said this already in chat, but it needs to get out there again. :slight_smile:

I think this is perhaps the best way to introduce new people to this.

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Somewhat on topic, those guys are wonderful, did an interview with me when I released my game on Steam…


Depends on the “new people”. If it is a friend who is likely to read the whole thing, show him the kickstarter trailer and then this. But if it is random internet people then this might be too boring for most to finish reading.

Good interview though. Nothing new for me, but then again, Im one of those guys that have been following this for like… forever. :wink:

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It’s been great having all these audio interviews, heard the same sort of things before from you guys but only in text form.
About time you started getting more recognition for getting so far with the project.

I’m sure I heard you say this once forever ago… does that mean you’ve been following the project since two forevers ago? Can you even have multiple forevers?

Hearing that Keith was a fan of Infinity in his college years is news to my ears. It’s fascinating to now know it was him that reached out to Flavien! I always figured it was the other way around.

I just wondering why don’t make the KS Campaign a bit longer? like 45 days.
Elite dangerous has 60 days on kickstarter and reach their goals in last 3 days…

I wonder too, but I don’t think the overall duration will matter, it’s not like they would need another 40 days to get near the base goal (based on trends and projections). Comparatively Elite: Dangerous required a lot more pledged funds per day so it probably made more sense to stretch it out over a longer period.

Longer kickstarters tend to be a slower burn.

They don’t necessarily net any more money than a shorter kickstarter would as there’s less perceived urgency amongst the backers to go out and spread the word.

Also, I-Novae are going to carry on with funding post-kickstarter, but this way gets them funding to carry on developing the game as soon as possible.

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I don’t know why I-Novae chose to do so, but I assume it’s because a Kickstarter takes time and resources. It needs you to post updates, chase media people, respond to questions, make improvements… And most of I-Novae have day jobs and neglecting said jobs to run a Kickstarter for more than one month would be quite hard. Developers need to eat too. Better to get over the stress and hardships quickly than to prolong your suffering for a few extra dollars that might not even matter in the end, since they can be given post KS.

Plus, the sooner the Kickstarter ends, the sooner they can get the legal stuff out of the way and start doing what they (and we) love full time.

  1. We can’t modify the campaign duration once it’s started.
  2. All stats show that the shorter the campaign, the higher the chances of success. Most video games campaigns actually last around 30 days, E:D was an exception.