Installation Runtime v0.1.8.0 and Launcher Patch Notes

Another update for the installation runtime before tomorrow’s release for Alpha backers. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to move downloads into the admin child process or optimize the size of the package cache. They’re rather significant updates and I didn’t want to risk breaking something prior to the launch - particularly given how critical this particular piece of software is. That being said this update does contain the following:

  1. The background update service has been removed. The Launcher now does installation runtime update checks when you first start it up.
  2. Currently to download an installation package you must have its size * 3 in available space on your C:\ drive. For example the I:B package size is currently 1.6gb. That means you must have at least 4.8gb in available disk space on C:\ before it will let you download the package - it doesn’t matter whether or not that’s where you’re actually going to end up installing it. Previously if you didn’t have enough space on C:\ it showed you an error message telling you how much space you needed in bytes. That wasn’t super helpful so now it tells you how much space you need in kb/mb/gb depending on the size.
  3. Chromium was updated for the Launcher
  4. As far as I’m aware only @cybercritic and I think one other person were experiencing issues with the Launcher crashing during startup. I believe I have fixed this but I was unable to reproduce it on my machine so I’ll have to wait until he actually runs the new build to know for sure.

If anyone experiences any problems please let me know asap.


Thanks for removing the update service it was creepy at best, just wondering if you guys did something about the OpenAL instillation failing silently? Also, the title of the topic has the launcher at v0.1.8.0, but the launcher displays v0.1.9.5, could be confusing even if your install run-time is actually behind the launcher version.


(Also, make sure if you uninstall the client you uninstall Inovaelauncher before inovaeinstaller or it will break things)

The launcher updated fine, but now displays this every time it starts (note launcher version number is correct)

If the “update” is cancelled, I can still enter the game fine, it just seems to think there is a phantom update still.

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What happens if you click “Yes”?

When I click “Yes”, I get

After I okay that, I’m looking at the launcher with no servers listed.

I have “Infinity Battlescape” and “I-Novae Launcher” installed after starting the process about 30 minutes ago. No I-Novae software was installed on my machine as far as I know, but I don’t know if any stale data was lying around from prior installations.


It’s a known issue that seems to only be affecting upgrades. It also appears people running Windows 7 are intermittently running into additional issues concerning what I think is some sort of subtle difference in how the Windows 7 file system handles deletions vs Windows 10 (which is what I do all my testing on).

If I click Yes, I get the same error as JB, but then once I get rid of that the launcher works as normal to start the game (Play button appears etc).

I’m running Windows 10.

Same here…

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I’m struggling to start the launcher. I keep getting an “Entry Point Not Found” window saying “The procedure entry point AddDllDirectory could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll.”

I’m running Win 7.

Copy/pasted from the known issues:

The installer currently has a dependency on an updated version of Kernel32.dll that contains the function “AddDllDirectory”. If Windows is not up to date it might complain about not finding the function AddDllDirectory in Kernel32.dll

Install the following windows patch:

We’ll add this as a dependency to the installer in a future version, meanwhile you’ll have to install this update manually if you encounter the problem.

I had the same issue with the installation runtime update, seems it has fixed itself, I don’t get the prompt to upgrade the runtime anymore, not sure if it updated itself to or if it’s just not displaying the dialogue anymore. Only things that I can think of that could have fixed the issue is restarting of windows explorer process and also I started the installer service manually, ran the launcher (it failed), stopped and disabled the installer service.

@inovaekeith, I signed in with my alternative gmail and now the launcher keeps refusing my credentials.

Interesting, I’ll add it to my TODO list.

So, it’s possible to remove access to the launcher in Google account settings and force the launcher to ask for a new username and password. However, now the launcher doesn’t save the details and asks for a password every time.

Does it show back up in your Google account settings?

It doesn’t show on the ‘mistaken’ account as authorized. On the right account I have I-Novae Studios authorized, but that could be for the forums.

Is your alternative gmail added to your account? Can you log into the forums using your alternative gmail?

No, it’s another email that has nothing to do with INS except for being used to log into the launcher instead of this one. If you have another Gmail address, log into the launcher with that one and you can reproduce the bug.

I don’t understand. Of course logging into the launcher with a gmail that isn’t associated with an account is going to cause it to reject your credentials. Does it prevent you from logging into the launcher using a gmail that is associated with your account?