Installation runtime v0.1.17.0 released

This release includes a number of bug fixes however there are 2 major new features. The first, and probably the most important, is that the installer now caches uninstallation instructions instead of a full package upon completion of a successful installation. What this means is that instead of caching the entire ~8gb I:B package it now caches ~3.6mb instead.

The second feature is the ability to auto-launch applications once installation or an upgrade is finished. One of the problems we noticed with new users is that they would download the installer off of the website with the expectation that it installed the game. When the installer finished and nothing happened they would look for the game and, not finding it, would assume something was wrong. Now, once the installer for the launcher runs it will automatically start the launcher which should give new users a much better idea of what they need to do next.

If anyone encounters any problems please post a bug report in this thread.


The most needed feature is to resume the download progress % after a network disconnects that causes download failure.


Ok were download link for backers asteroid?

We’ve encountered a problem with deploying the patch, we’re working on resolving the issue.