Installation problem

I can’t install latest update;(
INovaeInstaller.exe was succesfully downloaded and runned. After selecting directory and installation mode launcher (as I suppose is downloaded) and tchem after both progress bars are filld, instalation is terminated with message:
“The installation has failed. Please check the log for more information…”.
In log ( looks like at some stage, installer can’t find own instance in system.

Please help.

I had the same problem. Deinstall everything from the apps control panel. Make sure every inovae folder in programs is deleted afterwards and if not delete manually. Make sure to have hidden files visible.
Go to documents and delete inovae folder there if you find some. Keep the screenshot and keyboard configuration files if you made some.
Go to users. username. appdata. local. and find inovae folders and delete them (not sure if path is correct thoug, I am on my phone currently). In the same direcrory should be a temp folder. go on there and delete everything inovae/battlescape related.
Next restart the pc. Download the installer and try installing it again. That did the trick for me at least. Good luck.


I believe I have already fixed this but I wasn’t able to complete the full range of testing required for a release before I had to go out of town for a week. I’ll be working on getting an update out asap after I get back next week and that should sort this out for you.


Playbenni’s solution worken for me. Looks like launcher tries to use old registry info about installer location. So just uninstalling previosu version manually, before starting installer should solve problem (I shold be avare of that at first place:).