Ingame Character Name

As the title says, I’m suggesting for possible naming style upon reaching Alpha, Beta, or Released stage.

So, I’m just suggesting the naming style of formal name, something like like Isaac (Male) Coppertoe, or Ericka (Female) Pepton. Somehow like in the game you may not be familiar with Pirates of the Burning Sea where it use First and Last way of naming your guy or woman. In case if there are any marines or passengers onboard your ship or with in someone’s ship, a simple addition letter is added with § for Player beside one’s name.

Any ideas or any conclusions to this?

Discussed ad nauseum in the past. If names are outside what you think is ‘in character’, just consider it a call sign.

Well, not like I’m not suggesting using your name for ingame. But again, ingame, you could randomized it and see what comes out. I read a topic one time about family in terms of perma death. You could name your family (or surnames in other term) Huff, Pendleton, Boyle, Coppertoe, or something formal enough.

I wish you hadn’t, and I wish uiu had had the sense to let that fermenting puddle of puke of an idea rest in peace.

I’m playing as Kichae Chandramani. I’m paying to play as Kichae Chndramani. The second I’m playing as Kichae’s father’s brother’s old roommate from college I’m no long playing (nor am I paying).

“Family” respawn systems add nothing to the game as most players would ignore the concept. The only people they would impact are role players, and it’s a system that would upset most of them, as it allows the character they’ve spent a lot if time (often years) investing in to die and be replaced by some random relative that may not even exist in that character’s back story.

You want a naming system? Give us 4 blanks to fill in (first, middle, last names, and call sign), and require that at least the call sign be entered and unique. The player base can use(or not) the other 3 however they see fit.

Something tells me you don’t like this idea… :smile:

I have nothing against creating a surname, particularly if a game allows more than one persistent character (in a meaningful way), but I also don’t think it should be used for respawns. I quite liked the way SWTOR handled families (Legacies), although I didn’t pay a huge amount of attention to it. Then again, I don’t play that game at all any more, so it can’t have been that great!

I prefer the idea of flying under a callsign/ship name, as this is what would show up first - not who was flying it. Perhaps there could be some kind of level of detail thing that goes on (from far away, only the ship type is displayed, then the specific model as they get closer, then the name of the ship and perhaps the owner/pilot).

Other than that, I agree with @Kichae about: [quote=“Kichae, post:4, topic:83”]
You want a naming system? Give us 4 blanks to fill in (first, middle, last names, and call sign), and require that at least the call sign be entered and unique. The player base can use(or not) the other 3 however they see fit.

I never really care for full names in games, but some people enjoy the roleplaying to that degree and that’s fine, just as long as it isn’t mandatory.

In my opinion, each character should have a required first name, an optional surname and a required nickname. The nickname would naturally be how your character is presented to people you don’t know.

However, if you are in space and you come across a ship, it wouldn’t make sense for the ship to have a label saying “John Smith”, it should just have the ship name (or class if a name is not set) and perhaps a semi-arbitrary callsign/registration code (not really sure if that should be public information).

Alternatively speaking, I could propose us the idea of the callsign (or Nickname in other term) and/or full name together in boxes. Such thing could be Mattew ‘Smashish’ Pendleton or just Smashish and no RP formality name. No forcing kind of thing upon players to fill in all of the boxes and just get to playing with the name you chosen.

So long as there is a way for the game to figure out which part of the name is the call sign and which part is not (as, as has been stated a couple times in this thread now, proper names shouldn’t be immediately known on ship detection, whereas call signs or ship names should be broadcast), then that’s functionally what I’m suggesting as well.

At least, broadcasted name could be allowed upon someone reading your name on their passenger manifest in your cargo bay after transfer through civility means such as going into your ship from space stations or introducing yourself through chat and is automatically tagged on others’ ship computers. At least, to do that is do a command or something that allows their computers to catalog your name so they know who you are in a ship of sorts.

I think varying levels of disclosure of personally identifying information is important for the MMO, but not so much for Battlescape.
What do you guys think?

For Battlescape, I don’t think anything more than a username/call sign/single “Name” field is required. It’s an arena game; detailed world building isn’t really required.