Infinity FTP Link?

I recently had a computer disaster, where in the end I had to replace the hard drive. As such, I have lost the link the Infinity FTP site. In particular the music submissions.

Is it still up?

If so, could someone give a link?

Thanks -

As far as I can tell, the FTP died with the old site.

It was, but it died even before the site, and for the same reason(hackers).

There are no immediate plans for a community FTP as we no longer have a contributions system, and the old one will not be restored. If/when the MOD tools are released, maybe we’ll revisit a community FTP.

Hmmm. So all the music submissions are lost?

No we have backups. But the ftp site won’t be back up any time soon, it was too easily exploitable and became kind of a nasty backdoor. was obsolete already years ago, and was only reditecting to infinity-universe.

I see. Well, if the music gets back online (no hurry), be sure to pass a note!


Yu Chen/Paul Chen/Kaiyoti’s contributed music is available at his site.

Well it would be, if the files wouldn’t return a ‘500 Internal server error’, which is not a ‘404 file not found’ one. I sent him a message about this.