Infinity fansite

Hi everybody!
Is anybody going to make a fansite about dedicated to Infinity? Filled with typical fan content: articles, mods, pics, videos, database, etc. If so, I would be glad to join your team. I can help you with translating articles into Russian, and also translating from Russian into English (in this case I suppose somebody should moderate my texts to improve spelling), if there will be any russian articles. And I can also create the RU version of the website.
In addition, I can create that site myself, but I’m sure there are people here which can do it better, than me.
Looking forward to your feedback about my idea.


there is always going to be somebody that can do it better than you (or me…heh), but most of the time they just wont do it… unless pay them. Whether or not there is somebody better on this forum that is willing to do it… shrug

If such a website is going to be hosting mods, workarounds (linux, WINE, OSX…), other artwork, and possibly short stories, then it will need a sizeable amount of storage (textures use a lot of bandwidth) and a way for people to sign up and submit content. At the moment I don’t have a server very well suited for such a thing (yet). Regardless of where it is hosted, it would need to be a CMS system of some sort. I have toyed with a little in the past, and it seems like it would be a good option.

I would help out some if other people want to build such a thing too. I don’t do website front ends, and I only know about backends a little bit from a personal hobby of mine, picked up over the years.

@Kichae used to have one running, though I’m not entirely sure what happened to it.

I can’t connect to it at least.

TCL ran off of a different server from JENI, due to… reasons. Once I started working freelance, it took up too much time, and cost too much to maintain. If I can land another 9-5 gig, I’ll revive it.


That’s great that you liked my idea of making fansite!
@tiwake, I agree that hosting mods, especially with HQ-textures requires a huge storage, but I thought that we should firstly fill-in this site with other sort of content. I think the biggest part of the content should be various tutorials, step-by-step guides, educational videos (hosted by YouTube) and knowlenge database (how to get that ship, where to take those quests, ship’s characteristics, planet’s info).
And also I guess there will be a lot of tiny-weight mods, which won’t require so mush space.

So, what do you think about filling the site with text information firstly?

P.S. I want to share a bit information about me as a web-developer:
I have been a freelancer in 2013-2014 years, I worked in pair with a designer, who have drawn all sites, and I developed both backend and a frontend. I used pure PHP in backend and only JQuery and no other framework in frontend. Now, if I will develop Infinity fansite, I think I will use Python in the backend.
Here is the examples of my sites: - RIP (the link is only mirror of dead site) - the home project - freelance
_ - freelance

P.P.S. sorry about the third link - im a new member =)

I would be glad to help to translate into FR, EN, CN or readingproof or… just help in any way :smile:

I know only of the Chinese one:


I’m running a french fansite since almost 3 years now :

Very few people come, but I don’t care, I want the project to have some highlights in France (and french speaking countries) and that’s why I’m still keeping it alive :smile:

If any french speaking want to help, he’s welcome to contact me !


Can we just make it multilanguage? =) Somebody can translate your news into english, and then I can translate it in Russian.

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Why not, but the .fr may not be the best TLD for people outer France, don’t you think ?

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That’s just a detail.

If you get traction, you might get additional domains later on.

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Unfortunately, is busy(

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Taken by I-Novae :smiley:

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There’s the .community TLD…


The first one looks really great!

I might be able to put up some hosting space, depending on what you were running…

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