Infinity Battlespace & Scott Manley

Hello. In general, I don’t follow no one or anything on ‘YouTube/Twitter’… I don’t even have a ‘Facebook’ account… but; sometimes I ‘manually go visit’ some «special» people/project, to get some news…

I really like Mr. Scott Manley; he teaches something every day and sometimes, presents some ‘little’ space games/projects ‘jewels’.

Maybe I’m getting old and silly so, if this post is somehow ‘out of mind’, simply disregard it…

What about to Invite Mr. Manley, to ‘test drive’ the latest development build, of «Infinity»? His opinions are good and sometimes, he adds some good ideas too…

Space Games based on real Physics do ‘pay off’… add a little ‘Sci-Fi items’ and they become, something to remember… an Astrophysics stamp approval.

Regards to all,

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He was already ‘invited’ to ‘play’ it back when the «Kickstarter» ‘launched’:

By the way, what’s with the “(1)” in the title?

Currently there isn’t much in the way of a game to play. When Battlescape goes Beta, then it may be a good idea to give Youtubers free access.

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Hi. Thread title corrected… thank you;)

Yes, I remember that; wasn’t that two years ago? I was suggesting the current, most recent «test build»… his analyze and suggestions, could make the (Beta) even better… a more ‘long term’ cooperation?


I believe @JonnyRedHed does a lot of reposting to keep others updated on Battlescape. He has certainly kept Scott Manley updated.

But yes, we need a bit more in the game before pushing the wider publicity, or we risk blowing the hype too early and noone playing on release.


Scott has been on our Discord on a few occasions and was there for the Alpha launch, he’s aware of the game and has played it somewhat recently.

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I asked if he was going to do a video on the game a few weeks ago in his twitch chat and he said he’s concentrating on his science videos as they are often better received than his game videos.

I keep Scott Manley updated and he 's aware of the weekly update newsletters and major patch releases. Once moving to beta, Scott will be asked if he would like to come back for a dev fly session and to make a new video or two during beta and near launch date hopefully. He likes the project.

I also try to keep Dave Haddock (lead writer for Star Citizen) updated as well in the same manner, as he and his writing team also love the I:B project, and we chat via IM on the SC website from time to time. And he is very close to Chris Roberts.