Infinity:Battlescape YT Playlist

Hello Space Friends
I am a Twitch streamer, starting on youtube, I made a playlist with my first impressions of the game, some derp moments and a lot of fun. some videos are long (40min) others very short, we love exploring.

I will be playing more of the prototype during the kickstarter, so make sure to check out the twitch channel as well for live action. thank you very much!



Sir, thank you.
You produced a lot of amusing content, keep going with it and spread the word so this thing gets made!


Watching now. :thumbsup:


Hi Anarckos,

I will be adding this playlist to the Media Mega Thread where you will find your twitch stream has already been posted. Thanks for the link!



Thank you again, Space Games community as usual: Majestic!
next stream Droids will mix some Carl Sagan powered by Infinity! o7


You’re so right!
Carl Sagan makes any space video more awesome.


Hehe, he even made it to second place in

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That is actually pretty funny!

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Oh yeah, I made sure to include the source in the comments. Did better than I thought.

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@selbie I love Wanderers short movie, it’s a great inspiration. thank you! I used the sound of that video on the new playlist. o7

@Parisbre56 That’s awesome! I’m glad people enjoyed it. Thanks Jet Fusion for making that, next time let me know please :wink:

I’ve added new videos on the playlist

Infinity: Kirk and the Freighter

Infinity: Cosmos Astonishing Fact

Infinity: Do not go Gentle
Infinity: Racing Practice
Infinity: Serenity

Infinity + Carl Sagan Playlist

I hope you enjoy! :heart::heart: :sunny: ●๋• don’t forget to subscribe :wink:

just updated playlist again, I played with a female avatar other day. new videos with my friend Elise :smiley:

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