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Good evening, Soldiers.

I want to know if there is general interest in an official Battlescape wiki already. All kind of games have a wiki where players can contribute content such as texts about ships, planets, culture, weapons and so called “theory crafting”.

Are there already plans to implement/launch such wiki?



I had the same idea. It would be nice to have a wiki. For one, it would make it easier for newcomers to find more info about the project. And it would serve as a basis for creating better articles for media or other wikis.

For now we could just make pages for croporations and historical info about the engine, what we know about the game and a FAQ. When the actual game gets to its first players on January, we can continue with information about how the game works, solutions to common bugs or problems, tutorials, etc.

My only concern would be whether or not I-Novae plan to create an official wiki, somewhere they could have moderator access and create locked pages or similar. Someplace where they don’t have to worry about the wiki’s administrator’s. Even if they don’t plan on having an official wiki, I would still think it would be better for an official I-Novae dev account having irrevocable administrator permissions on the wiki, just in case there’s something they need to do.


Discourse can have wiki posts.

Just putting that out there.

It can? I’ve read about it but I’ve not seen that on this forum. I think it’s disabled. Unless it’s because I’m writing from phone.

Anyway, even so, I think wikis offer some superior capabilities, like different user permissions, templates, transclusion, redirects, ability to more easily see and undo edits, images with your own style and layout, generally being able to use HTML to make pages look however you want, etc. Wikis are made to handle being wikis. Making a post a wiki post just makes it editable by everyone, which while good, is not the best.

I guess it could help to have some sort of wiki category with wiki posts because of the fact that everyone would have the same account, but I don’t think that justifies losing all the nice things wikis offer.

Needs admin rights:

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I was also talking about administration: are there members out here who would like to maintain/contribute to a I:B wiki? I think we should already start now to have a good foundation for beginners. Is there a statement from the official I-Novae site? :icecream:

Trying to set up one here:

@RandomPasserby may be able to import game data from the game’s XML files… [edit] Probably impossible as Wikia doesn’t allow dynamic third party content

Be great if a dev someday may verify changes made to a page once a day or two in month. And have these pages shown in tooltips within the game itself.

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That’d very helpful, a single collated place for information we could find without having to rely on asking someone on discord

Would be best to base it on Planetside’s wikia:

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Did not know there was a Infinity MMORPG wiki created back in 2010! :open_mouth:

Oh wow. Didn’t know of it either and there doesn’t seem to be a mention of it ob the old forums as well. Weird.

Interesting. I can kinda generate a wiki page with ChatGPT by just giving it the patch notes. Patch and Updates Notes - #104 by INovaeFlavien (Ctrl+P to export all)

Though may not be easy to create a common page flow. Gave ChatGPT all paragraphs from patch notes that mention shields: