Infinity Battlescape Survival

Mainly a multiplayer and single player mode for surviving in a solar system to make bases with npc ships and earn materials and cash to get more ships and bases. It would be fun having a survival mode where you face your own challenges and keep your data. They could do it if they hit the simi-persistant stretch goal with the extra funding plan.

I’m not sure what you’re asking for. It sounds like you want a different game mode, perhaps one with permadeath instead of respawns?

Either way, you’re not likely to see it until someone mods a server, and that will be difficult if the funding didn’t reach mod level.

Sounds like a mod to me. A last man standing ‘Battle Royale’ type mod (

A requirement would be that Battlescape allows mods to specify that all players be on their own individual team.

I was thinking the OP meant more ‘DAY-Z In Space’, here.

*So I guess it does sound like a mod… carry on.


Thesedays the “”“survival”" genre is games like ark, minecraft, rust, games with persistant mpservers where the gameplay mostly focuses about grinding up infrastructure which then gets attacked while your offline and you do the same to other people. For some reason this is incredibly popular.

Probably would be a good mod.

I like the “idea” of survival games. The problem for me is that I get bored so easily with those game types, and I’ve tried most of them and it always ends up the same. I start with nothing, punch trees for a bit, get some food, then some weapons, build a small house and very shortly after this little voice in my head says “Why am I doing this exactly?”. And I stop playing.

I’m not having fun any more. There is no point to my activities. I have probably done everything that could be done and now its just repetition. For instance, I gave up on Ark after about an hour and a half and refunded.

Graphically very good but with utterly abysmal performance, I built myself a little hut and hadn’t even got to animal taming, but I was already bored with the repetitious nature of it all.

I get more out of watching others play them to be honest.

Would it be more interesting if it was cooperative PvE?

Would you say that you find more boring the fact that you spend most of the time in the same area, that it takes a long time to progress, that there’s little action, little cooperation or something else?

And would you say that it would be more fun if you didn’t have to stay in one area to build infrastructure (e.g. houses, etc.) but instead focused on upgrading your character and items while exploring and having adventures?

Is it the fact that you need to progress from weak to stronger that bothers you or how slowly you progress or that you have to repeatedly do the same thing or maybe the lack of an end-goal for your progression?

Sorry for the little survey. Mostly asking out of curiosity. I think it would be interesting to see what people think.

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I only stopped playing ark after building a huge metal base and taming a dozen lvl 200 rex kind of got old. The game’s high end scaling wasnt very good. I just always set goals for myself, and try to play with friends.

A lot of people do like this game type and this thread is just a plan for a mod so hey.

Possibly, but then anything is more fun with friends. Or at least other people. For instance, I also play Rainbow Six: Siege on occasion. As a single player experience its a bit weak. But if you play those Terrorist Hunt co-op missions its great fun. Every round is different, you don’t know where the enemy are from round to round and you have no idea what even your own team are going to do either. Total chaos at times.

You never get that experience playing solo.