Infinity Battlescape Pause Menu

I would like an Infinity Battlescape pause menu design suggestion,
I made my own design for a pause menu well I made 2 one for chat and one without because an ingame chat system would be nice, here are the 2 designs I made with one extra:
Here is the word backround :
Here is the design without a chat option :

Here is the design with a chat option :
You can edit these and also I made the backround slightly transparent so you can see the game when pausing. It would be cool if it could be animated like stars moving slightly but I couldn’t do that but if you want you can.


It’s beautiful.

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Looks cool. How would the pause menu work if you’re online? Other players could still shoot you. Pausing could make you invincible which is bad as well because you could abuse it in battle or to park in front of the enemy base and go afk.

you can still be shot so you shouldn’t pause in battle if you want to win it, its not a real pause when online just a menu to choose what todo like quit change settings and what ever the developers want or just to not leave the game or use ctrl+alt+delete to edit another window or game.

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