Infinity: Battlescape; Other Players

In Infinity: Battlescape, can I expect to see other players in-game during early access, or will that be a lone experience?

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That will depend on your pledge level.
The game is already multiplayer and you currently can meet, fly with and fight people.

Currently not a lot of people have access to the game and thus the server is usually not populated, but if you ask on discord you can get a few guys together for a nice round.

During Alpha and on the planned event weekends a lot more people should be around. I expect the server to be populated regularly during usual play times.

In Beta I hope we’ll see a constant playerbase and at least one server constatly able to support a good fight.

Absolutely! I’ve already had a few dogfights and we occasionally get together and shoot some videos flying in formation. @SpaceJay is the kind soul who usually does the filming and has the videos somewhere some vimeo.

Thanks Lomsor and Skyentist for your quick replies. My pledge was ample for Stellar Supporter + Dev Access.

I asked because, LOL, I’m impatient(?). Been in-game quite a bit since yesterday afternoon and hadn’t seen anyone so that’s what got my curiosity up. I just need to be a little more patient. I’ll check out discord as you suggested as well.



Yep, there’s normally at least one or two people on the discord chat who will jump into the prototype if they know there’s someone to fly with. Looking forward to seeing you around in there! :slight_smile: