Infinity Battlescape Media Mega Thread


It would be a ship model with a collage of other imagery pasted in for effect.

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Updated with these:

Evolution of INS and Infinity -

Elglon's French Stream -

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That video remix is soooo good. And the fact he used the old Infinity theme gave me goosebumps.

Well done! :+1:


I didn't make any of these, I am just compiling them into a list. Just an FYI :stuck_out_tongue:


Speaking of media: Some of you will probably remember the timelapsed drawing videos of the concept art ...

Video -> Small cargo ship concept timelapse

I assume it's Jan's youtube channel. Everytime i look at one of these all i can think is :open_mouth:
The amount of detail he carves out of nothing is simply amazing.

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Holy cow...


Does anyone have the link to the white/orange ship that was done like this on youtube? I think it was a hand drawing though.


It's on the same channel ... Infinity drawing concept art timelapse 3


Updated! thanks for the links :smile:


Yeah, I've watched them a couple times already. Amazing!


Updated with Rimas' russian video. Can't understand a word of it, but I know there are a few russians on here:

I think it is also posted in Ark's video thread, which is linked to in the OP as well.

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Nice to see that there's some Russian marketing going about as well.

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I was bored so I cropped some infinity footage, added a track from interstellar and made a mashup.


Wow awesome video. I hope you don't mind that I posted it on reddit. Search for "Interstellar the Game?" and upvote.


Be my guest, share it as much as you want.


How dare you try and steal his fake internet points! /s


Posted on the SC forums, thanks for this.

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If there is anybody in the community with experience making gif's and other little internet morsels, you could make little clips, similar in size/scope to whats on the kickstarter page. Our brothers with access would probably be more than happy to help gather footage for such things.


Imgur now has a pretty easy way of making gifs from most videos online, including YouTube, here.
We can all churn out media pretty quickly from the already existing footage.


what subredit? I can't find it, can you give a direct link so I can check if it's even visible?