Infinity Battlescape Floating Bases

I suggest that on the gas giant there be some Places that float on like a layer of the gas but not to high or too low like the bottom of the base is like a giant balloon filled with a manmade gas that the base produces. The bases would mainly float all around the planet flowing around it and moving, and ships can weigh them down. It could hold around 2 large capital ships before falling and getting destroyed the balloon is very thick with multiple layers so it would be hard to pierce which the station has its main priority to repair. The stations floating would normally be medium, large ones could hold around 3 capital ships while small can only hold 0.5 the weight of one. The stations have a bouncy rubber around them so if they hit each other they will just bounce off. They have thrusters which allow them to dock with other floating stations to exchange credits and resources mainly if one is being attacked another might come to help or collect its loot so it doesn’t get taken. They each have a tower in the center for docking ports and a weapon at the top with a radar watching for storms(when added), other stations, and enemies. I hope you like my suggestion thanks.


Floating in a gas giant is kind of hard because the atmosphere is hydrogen. So you have to use hot hydrogen or fall low enough that the atmosphere is heavier gasses. But down that far the pressure is higher.


It wouldn’t be exposed to the harsh climate only ships would go out into it the main place is contained in like carbon fiber and it could use hot hydrogen to hold itself up I didn’t know what to use for the balloon the developers can choose that and the balloons volume is around 2/3rd of the base but its all under it.

Though if you have a nice, stable updraft, you could use it to keep altitude.
Gas giant would require procedural clouds to be interesting places to visit, though.