Infinity Battle Scape Realistic Distance and Better Warp Drive and maybe getting carried away with suggestions :}

In infinity battle scape the planets are said to be real sized but they are not realistically distant from each other and the warp drive design is ment to go faster than light speed but you stated its limited to light speed and if the planets were realistically distant it would take atleast 4 hours to get from the start too the farthest planet(I am guessing if there are atleast 8) so I think the warp drive should go around 25 times light speed max but it takes awhile to charge up and uses up power super fast so I think there should be a antimatter factory that ships could visit to accelerate to full warp drive within 5 minutes and stay full for around 8 minutes the factory would generate a magnetic field keeping all normal matter away from specific spots and it would store the antimatter overtime making a 263km anti matter asteroid for ships to visit, certain spots on the asteroid are not strong enough for ships to be blocked by so you could crash enemy ships into them blowing them up and everything nearby within 2.5km so it can destroy the ship that knocked it in and the gravity field when weak would try to push the ship away but when weak it would scramble the ships controls making it very hard to control like rapidly swapping controls and turning stuff on and off. It would look like a sphere with a whole to the factory that fades off to the other side. Ships filled with antimatter can warp at any speed any where but can be shot once with a 25% chance of blowing up them and the ship if powered down allows the antimatter to spread and blow it up. Ships can turn it back into energy sense the longer they have it the more dangerous it becomes after like 10 minutes every minute it has a 15% chance of blowing up increasing by 5% per minute it starts with 1% per minute. Stations have small magnetic fields repelling all ships carrying anti matter so they don’t suicide attack them. You have to use points or what you use to get ships to get antimatter at the factory. Every 20-40 minutes each faction will make a anti matter bomber ship that lasts only once for that game giving lots of points that can repel all magnetic fields and release a escape pod as the main ship crashes into a base you lose all the ships points if you die when crashing the pod is very weak yet very fast, it just goes to your base to save the points you got. The bomber can destroy a whole station if you hit it right but other ships can destroy you easily sense you don’t maneuver well. I knew I was gonna get carried away with suggestions I couldn’t resist :}. I really need to work on my grammer.

Well, you might want to add ‘And James Joyce’ to your title. :wink: But seriously, I am not a big fan of the warp drive in its present form; I would have preferred the good old warp tunnel because it breaks things up.

I don’t want to be that guy, but please use sentences and the occasional line break. 25% into the paragraph my head hurts :frowning:. I promise I’ll give you feedback after that.

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I don’t like the warp tunnel effect because it seems too much like having to pause to load the next area. However having something like a jump drive ( Instant transport to destination.) in addition to warp drives might be a nice addition. Make it consume fuel, only allow on some ships like carriers, capitals, etc…, and set some strict limits on where it can be used.

Corp1 is attacking corp2 in corp2’s home systemA. Corp1 retreats to systemB and corp2 follows to finish them off. Corp1 however has carriers ready to pick up the fighters and then jumps directly back to systemA which is now lightly defended and corp2 has to warp drive back the slow way.

Limitations for jump drive could be distance based on amount of fuel and drive strength. And the size of the destination gravity well. All ships that jump in appear randomly near the largest object in the system (star/black hole).

Thats my thoughts, but at this point I think the issue has been discussed so many times that they have a good idea of what they are going to do and won’t be changing it much.

Like opening a worm hole to a specific location?

I-Novae plans to both have a “warp” drive and a “jump” drive.
Where “warp” will be used primarily inside a planetary system, between moons and such and “jump” to get between the planets.
“Jump” also is planned to use up “Jump Fuel”, which each ship is supposed to start with after spawning, so getting back/into a battle is easy, out of it not so much.

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The prototype only has a single planet in it, so we haven’t seen what the distances between planets will be yet. The solid surfaced bodies that we do see are moons of the gas giant.

The devs have been careful about maintaining reasonable size and distance scales so far (for instance, the Earth-like moon’s rings seem to fit comfortably within the Roche limit of an Earth-massed planet; Earth can support rocky rings up to a height of somewhere between 12000km and 23000km, while the mining base seen in the prototype sits at a height of about 4900km above the moon’s surface), so hopefully the distances between the moons is reasonable, too.

For fun, though…

At 4900 km above the moon’s surface, the moon’s diameter would span an angular distance of just shy of 59 degrees. The moon appears to span 2/3 the width of the video feeds I’ve seen at that distance, which means the field of view at 16:9 is about 90 degrees.

From observing the volcanic moon in the videos, the angular size of objects on screen appears to be a function of their position on the screen (that is, there’s some sort of lens effect applied).

From the mining base, the volcanic moon can be seen. I measured it to be approximately 1/33 the width of the screen (as measured when it’s at the centre), or approximately 2.7 degrees across. Unfortunately, I have no idea how big the volcanic moon is. If it’s the same size as Jupiter’s volcanic moon Io (which is approximately the same size as the Earth’s moon), then our volcanic moon is about 76,400 km away. If it’s the size of Mars, then it’s 144,300 km away from the mining station. And if it’s the size of the Earth, then it’s 270,300 km away. This increases with the size of the moon, of course. Double the moon’s radius, and we double the moon’s distance.

For the Mars-like moon, I was able to find some videos that gave the distance at convenient enough times to estimate its size. It seems to be approximately the same size as Mars (maybe a little bigger). If so, it’s approximately 200,000 km from the asteroid base.

These numbers are somewhat small compared to what we see with Jupiter’s 4 largest moons, but they’re within the realm of possibility. The closest approach in the Jupiter system, made between Io and Europa, is about 250,000 km. But, since the distance is so closely dependent on the actual size of the moons, and on my (admittedly rough) measurements of size, it’s incredibly difficult to estimate just based on the videos that I managed to watch. Once people get dev access, this will become much easier.

Still, the distances we’ve seen so far appear to be well within the realm of plausibility.

Only if Battlescape’s planetary system is modeled after our own. We’ve discovered systems with 4 - 6 possible planets that would all fit within the orbit of Venus. At light speed, it would take less than 12 minutes to cross such a system.

Explosions in space don’t create shockwaves. An anti-matter annihilation event like this would irradiate everything nearby, but it wouldn’t act like a bomb in an Earthly battlefield or anything like that.

Plus, an anti-matter asteroid would just, in general, radiate everything nearby anyway. You can’t encapsulate anti-matter inside regular matter, like inside an asteroid, because any bit of regular matter that would come in contact with it (like bits of the “normal” asteroid) would release huge amounts of gamma rays. Shields do what they can, I suppose, but shield generators can be attacked and disabled (plus, if it’s possible for ships to just haphazardly crash into this thing, clearly it’s unshielded). I think I would be avoiding this asteroid like the plague, personally.

Plus, as I say, it’s entirely possible to have a planetary system that can be crossed in reasonable amounts of time that are also realistically sized. And this is doubly so if not every planet is actually worth visiting as part of a campaign of combat!


wait the prototype is avalable then how do I get it I could only use the knowledge I gathered off there yt channel. Also with the anti matter part I was talking about a magnetic field that sciencetists say can contain antimatter and I ment the whole asteroid was antimatter after like years of storage

The prototype is launching SoonTM to people who pledged for dev access during the Kickstarter. It’s not, and won’t be, freely available to the public.

A magnetic field can be used to store charged particles, so you can heat up the anti-matter, ionize it, and store it, sure, but magnetic fields don’t affect neutrally charged material (especially neutrally charged material that isn’t an electric conductor). So, any bits of dust, chunks of asteroid, or whatever bits of whatever that comes along will just pass right through the magnetic field, interact with the antimatter, and release huge bursts of gamma rays.

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Kichae, oh those are moons I thought they were planets.