Infinity: Battle Royale

Given the current trend and that I:B’s gameplay hasn’t been fully decided yet as far as I know, how about making it a battle royale game? Basically PUBG in space (just for inspiration, not literally).

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Even if it isn’t, they’ll be full mod support in the future.

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I look forward to seeing ship-shaped asteroids everywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

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Jesus Christ


I wouldn’t mind a FFA system battle, just an alternate game mode with no bases and possibly everyone having the same ship.

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Stuff like this is why we want to support modding :stuck_out_tongue:


With good mission editor everything is possible!

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Like having to find HUCK!!! :relieved:

We could do our own find Huck!!!

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Infinity: The Quest for Huck


battle royal/pubg is cancer, don’t import that garbage here please.

I don’t know about pubg (though I heard terrible things about its netcode), but the 2D version is pretty fun if you have a few dozen minutes to spare.


There has been ups and downs, there still is some problem with lags / rubberbanding, but only in the beginning when everyone jumps out of the plane.
This problem occurred (again) when the new map went out, as they’ve modified the 3D engine in the process.

Apart from this, lots of cool stuff.

Because it is highly competitive, people tend to curse and point out small defects more… vigorously, shall we say, than your usual game :slight_smile:

You say that because you have no skill :stuck_out_tongue:
Joke aside, a “battle royale” mode is a very specific, unique genre, that cannot be applied everywhere just for the sake of “going with the trend”.

For I:B, I agree with you, it doesn’t see it being well applied.

oooh, something to play on lunch breaks…


This sounds great!

I already have an idea for a mod that could be very cool if done right. It’s a little more involved than Battle Royale though.


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This is too addictive :joy: