Infinity 2.1 Conntection failed

Hello there everybody i am trying to play infinity combat prototype 2.1 but i get a connection fail. Please help :frowning:

The Infinity Combat Prototype is officially shut down and there are no servers still running that I know of.

If you have the full 2.1 install file it should come with a server program that you can run and connect to locally using localhost ( as the IP address. That will be single player and there won’t be much to do.

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I’m somewhat surprised there’s copies of that still lurking around. I lost my copy ages ago :frowning:

A real shame though, I missed getting the guys into it for a training session every once in a while.

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I think its a good think that it died. The last thing we needed was a bunch of people getting their hands on the ICP installer, getting mad that it didn’t work and then badmouthing the developers and jeopardizing the kickstarter campaign.

I still have a copy sitting on my flash-drive… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Doesn’t stop me wanting to relive the nostalgia of the ICP.

Well, as long as people keep the installer to themselves and understand that spreading it around wouldn’t do any good… I don’t see a problem.

Would “keeping it to themselves” include sharing it with other people that want to reminisce for “old time’s sake”? :wink:

The only problem would come if people started sharing it as a torrent or on public upload sites, resulting in random people downloading it and not having the whole backstory to explain why it (most likely) doesn’t work.

Speaking of sharing it to other people that want to reminisce, I just realized that my new laptop might actually be able to run it (win7 decided to kill my old laptop’s soundcard causing a OpenAL-related crash on loading screen). Care to send it to me?

Hmm… its been a while since I’ve opened this, the proto works, but I can’t get the server to run. Missing files. Oh well.

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming…

Any ways I can get the server? Since I only have a client myself

As long it is the latest client the server should be inside the same directory

It all just isn’t working. I finally managed to find the server and connect, but got open gl errors on client. Is it tested on newish hardware? (stupid question and offtopic, yes)

As far as I can tell, there’s a point where things just aren’t compatible any more.

Newer AMD (ATI) Cards aren’t compatible with the ICP

Tested, yes. Didn’t work on much of it. No plans to update it, what with it having only ever been intended as a quick way to test out some netcode, apparently (by the time I started following Infinity, years and years ago, it had already been officially retired).

Okay then, I’ll look for some older hardware (I think I had a working 8800gtx somewhere…)

cough if someone would send it to me for nostalgia purposes i would be quite happy.

Im pretty sure this computer can run it, or if not i have a laptop that can.

Well it did work on G80 and made me happy :smile:
I had to find 2.2 patch to get the server, and later this evening I think I can send the whole game (or link to it)