Infinite Galaxies- The Future is In Reach

Hello to the I-Novae Community and Developers. My Name is Kaleb Carrington, I am from the Caribbean Trinidad to be Exact. I’ve Longed for over two years now for an game engine as magnificent as The I-Novae Engine where the universe is entirely Procedural Generated.

I’ve been Trying to put together a Team of Skilled Modelers, Coders and Graphic Designers that are willing to develop my game idea and do it with the help of a community funded project. The game is planned to be immersive to the player and keep him returning to it to play it. It is Officially thought up to be a MMO/FPS/RPG Game. But There should be a single player campaign.

I’m Asking if You the I-Novae community and the developers of this magnificent engine help bring this to a reality.

PS: The New Infinity Battlescape Game Is Awesome, I love every aspect of it and hope to try out the prototype soon.


I’m sure Flavien and/or Keith will elaborate more on the technical and legal aspects of such an undertaking, but I’m sure I can say that at this juncture their priority is to complete the Kickstarter campaign and dig into developing Battlescape before refining the engine to a point where they may be able to license it out to third party developers. They wouldn’t want to make the engine available only to have someone start working on an MMO before they have a chance to, or at least before they have established the intellectual property as copyright.


I Completely understand that, I strongly support their Choice. I’ll Back them all the way with their new game.


Sounds like it could be a lot of fun! When the infinity game reaches its modding stretch goal (only $534,000 to go) then you (and others) can start working on such a thing.

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Welcome @TermoPlaysHD!

Do you have a detailed design of your game concept? You are much more likely to get people interested in your project if you are able to describe the gameplay and demonstrate that you have put a lot of thought into it.

Currently you have told us that you have an idea for an MMO/FPS/RPG with a single player capaign…

I look forward to reading the details!

I got a proposal written up on the game. I shall post it at a later date probably in a couple days 2-8 days from now ATM i’m kind of busy. Today is the only day i got off for the week. For now i’ll just say that the game is going to be never ending with endless possibilities. The ships would be able to be customize completely that is the weapons interiors and more. There is going to be an economy system for trade, sales and even a junk yard for spare used parts that are easily repairable. I’ve started using Crytek Engine but it doesn’t have a build in procedural engine for the type of game my game is going to be about. So i terminated that project and turned to I-Novae for their finished project. If you need more info on the game @hrobertson u can catch me on skype@kaleb.carrington, my country is Trinidad so the flag icon would be red, white and black. I’m looking forward to buy/try Infinity Battlescape as it goes forward with it’s goals an hope to also help them out in it’s development whether is be testing or bug searching. Good Day to every community member. Be on again tomorrow if possible.