Image Display Technicality

Is anybody else having an issue seeing @Sunk’s profile photo? The IndieDB website usually has the same issue in which I cannot see certain images. Chrome, Adobe and Java are all up to date. Any suggestions?

I am also having a problem seeing @Sunk’s profile photo, but I have no suggestions to give. I am using chrome as well.

I can’t see it either, I’m on Firefox 30

Same here, with Opera 22

Perhaps that is his profile picture. Perhaps the missing image icon is his profile picture and this is all a giant sham!

Nope …

the adress is:

Got a 404 from the link so the picture must have been deleted from the server somehow.

It looks like @Sunk re-uploaded their photo so that it is now visible. I still cannot see anything on the IndieDB website and don’t understand why either.

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