I'm still here (lurking)

I dropped off the radar after the success of the Kickstarter, I didn’t feel I should have much input now until I get my hands on the game in next year (At least what I’m hoping anyway) but glad to read all the progress.

Unfortunately, currently playing lots of Star Citizen and getting ready to play No Mans Sky in 3 days.

Hope everyone else is well :stuck_out_tongue:

Still love looking at this on KickStarter though :slight_smile:


Good to see you’re still around :slight_smile:
I guess you’re getting the news through your mail anyway ^^

Apart from the first flight impressions / feedback on texturing, there’s not much we backers can do: the dev team has still some technical parts to deal with before diving into the gameplay.


Hello too (forchan and dvach) i pay 30 bucks and good sleep. Yep weekly update important for strong backers.