I'm a little Hammer short and stout

Remember that SFC bomber that devs used to illustrate their process for bringing an asset from concept to finished product?

Look what I found in the Twitter feed. Foreground, lower-left quarter:

EDIT: Linked to the hi-res version provided by @InovaeKimmo in place of the low-res from Twitter.


Now that’s a screenshot!

Nice easter egg :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice find! And what a great screenshot!

Here’s a high-res version - Twitter isn’t too kind to images



THANKS! :smile:

For the high-res AND the size comparison … digging for hammer dimensions … someone just asked.

Awesome! Into the OP it goes. :slight_smile:

I don’t have the file in front of me atm, but it’s around ~26m if I can recall accurately

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