Ideas to increase game interest


Since Battlescape is essentially War Thunder in Space I suggest you copy their model when it comes to gameplay. In War Thunder you basically shoot each other over and over again. What makes it interesting is the many places, missions, craft and rewards.
If Battlescape could have different enough locations and missions. It would be a bit more interesting to play over and over again. Also a decent reward system would help as well. There are so many battles from WW2, Star Wars and Star Trek that could be adapted.
I suggest you try playing War Thunder and see what makes it fun to come back to do the same thing over and over.


Before I start, just a remark that we’ve played War Thunder, Dreadnought, Planetside, and pretty much all recent or old space games already.

Of course the current version of the game is much more barebones, but almost everything you mentionned is planned in a way or another ( persistent progression, missions, rewards / unlockables etc… ).

One big difference however is the amount of crafts. We have a limited budget so we’re not free to expand on the number of ships that easily. WT has a lot of them ( I don’t know the exact number, a hundred+ ? ). We’re not going to get anywhere close, the game currently has 6 playable ships with a seventh coming out in a few months. We’ll look into expanding ships after the release, but it’ll be dependent on the budget and popularity of the game.

In terms of locations, we have plans for more Battlescapes ( aka. planets in the solar system ), which is going to impact the match progression. That is going to be implemented soon-ish ( by fall probably ). There are also plans to expand on the number of planets, add ground details, new asteroid fields etc… but that will come later.

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You wouldn’t be the first to compare, and War Thunder is definitely a decent benchmark for combat sims.

Are you aware of the development roadmap linked here?

You might find that some of the things you wish for are indeed planned. :slight_smile:


Wait… a seventh?
*Oh right, hauler, yes?


When you said seventh, I thought about Deathstar sized ship… but yeah I almost forget about hauler.