I-War 2 similar experience

Congratz! Pledged lunar tier so celebrating with you!

Just wanted to share my thoughts about Battlescape: my feeling from your streams are somehow related to one of my favourite old school and the most beautiful space sim - Independence War 2, so I would like to invite you to check these videos:

I think you can enjoy and get some beautiful ideas from this simulator! It is sold on GOG and if you want I can gift it to you :slight_smile:

BTW If someone wants to share their feelings of I-War 2 comparing to Battlescape I’m always here :slight_smile:


Those cgi graphics in the trailer xD
Reminds me somewhat of another game called “Aquanox 2”. Good ol’ times ^^

Check this:

Still looks playable without blood from eyes :smiley:

Archemedian Dynasty, Aquanox and Aquanox: Revelations were great games!!!

Aquanox was the best in my opinion.

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Archemedian Dynasty > everything else. If the Aquanox remake/reboot manages to get the look and feel to be anywhere close to the original, i will be all over it.

Drops buzzer over freighter and drifts away in the current

I didn’t know a remake was being done!

Damn it! I’ve just gone and looked it up and to be honest it doesn’t look great. It really doesn’t look like they’re going to be able to replicate the incredibly atmospheric feeling of Aquanox.

I’ll keep an eye on it though.