I truly hate the warp system

I know its a Newtonian based system. But the warp system should be aimed to make the extremely long distances more user friendly (by not boring the user) and enhance the exploration part of the game.

The problem I always face is that I end crashing the planet because Im going at high speed. I cant play the game more than 5 minutes without crashing to one. Maybe there is a tutorial on how to handle it?

Im not saying the system should be star wars like (warp to 0 in a second) but at least should give some more natural control to the player.

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Yeah we’re going to change the warp system, it’s currently more of a placeholder.


It is indeed placeholder but currently one of the most fun part of the prototype. I always call the placeholder “warp” system “superboost mode” because the term “warp” makes you think it functions differently.

The placeholder system gives you extreme acceleration power to reach a set speed. Speed is also affected by nearby gravity objects. The trick to not crash is to not dissengage warp to early, as you puny normal engines don’t nearly have enough power to slow you down from speeds you can achieve with “super boost mode”. Be patient and approach an object rather slow than fast, the same rules as newtonian apply here, just scaled up a lot. Problem is if you overshoot a planet you, most of the times, land in it. :stuck_out_tongue:


The problem is probably that nobody explained to you how to handle the IMO awesome warp system. (I hope the basics stay like that)
That would be a cool little tutorial video, maybe I make a video about it this weekend.


What Playbenni said. It is similar to Elite’s where you can easily overshoot (or in this case collide) if you don’t control your speed.

Basically your throttle acts as a brake to slow you to a “normal” flight speed, so lower your throttle when you approach your destination before dropping out. (Use W and S to change your target warp speed on the right side speed indicator which is marked with a green arrow).

For planets you have some wiggle room with the atmosphere slowing you down (approach like a real space craft would at a low angle of attack), but in space you have to slow yourself down all the way before disengaging the warp.


You may overshot in E:D, but it’s a lot less punitive if you do.

The max speed gets lower as you get closer, overshooting won’t let you go that far from the POI. Currently in I:B, you can litterally get yourself further away from the target than when you started the warp.

While there is certainly some interesting concept in the current warp system, I don’t like its current stand either.

The “max speed” also gets lower in the prototype. The ships just decelerate quite slowly when not actively setting a lower speed. If you come in at a moon at 300Mm/s the slowdown efects will only have time to slow you down to what 10Mm/s before you start hitting the atmosphere.

Speaking of witch. If you don’t switch of warp you have to quite try to die when coming in on cinder or sarake. Sure you’ll die because you’ll still be going 10km/s when reaching the surface but not in the “super fast varriant” that this thread is about.

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Sure it needs some tweaking but I think a bit of skill to reach the POI would be preferred in IB. ED tries to shortcut the tedium of travelling between locations, but with IB everything is focused around one star system so it would make sense to give warp a little more challenge.


Indeed, travelling to a planet is OK, travelling to a space station however is a lot more challenging.

As long as GUI ergonomics are close to intuitive, I’m absolutely OK with that.

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Well I got the grip of warp system in the first 10 min of playing the pre-alfa. Mastering it, is another question. I like that you can’t just hit the gas pedal to the floor and and land on the planet head-on. I like that it that when you enter the atmosphere a little too fast and try to glide in it, the atmosphere resists and you start to loose control of the steering (because of ships ability to interact with atmosphere, I doubt you could call it a warp).
I’m not really satisfied with warp acceleration in space though. It is too fast in the low warp speeds for my tastes and it’s hard to do any combat there. And I would love some kind of combat in warp with some kind of different physics.


Pro tip: Don’t aim at the center of a planet, aim for the horizon and land horizontally and things will all be well. Vertical landings are really hard to pull off.


I don’t mind it, once I got used to it.
I did practice on stations, at the start though, as the overshoot is not so drastic.
I don’t have a problem with planets now.
I can approach them quite fast and slow down in plenty of time to land on them without crashing.


I’ve never had too much trouble with the interceptor or bomber. In the frigate, however, I crashed about three times trying to get inside the atmosphere.

@juanmanuelsanch: were you using the F keys? Just using W and S to adjust the warp speed takes way too long at faster speeds, and doesn’t give you enough fine control at lower speeds.

It’s understandable when trying to fit such a huge power curve into a single speed setting like that. I think the devs were planning on having more than one mode for the throttle to help with final approaches on ground bases and stations.

@Beanzide: Corvette’s a tricky one, The bottom thrusters on it are barely capable of raising the ship off the ground at 1g. If your nose is pointed at the ground, and you’re falling, the natural instinct would be to pull the nose up like an aircraft, but that just means you crash faster by loosing the help of your main reverse engines. :smiley:

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For reference, I’ve found that it takes ~ 45 km for the Corvette to stop when exiting from warp at lowest speed and power directed to propulsion. Pressing “1” will set the target speed to 0.


I use the scroll wheel to controll target speed. Enough precise for me. You can also set an analog axis for the target speed.

A lot of the time when I try using scroll to adjust speed it increases/decreases in only tiny bits. My mouse wheel can be spinning crazy fast but still fails to register like it should. I’ve been having that issue for awhile now but seems to me I’m the only one experiencing this behavior. I think this Logitech mouse is to blame because my older Corsair never gave me problems.

the main issue with current warp is how you accelerate extremely slowly but brake extremely quickly, it leads to a jerky feeling and its hard if not impossible to control precisely just using the throttle.

I personally don’t mind quick deceleration, as it allows for fast approaches. In E:D, the accel/deccel was the same. So if you overshot, depending on how fast you were going, it meant awkward maneuvers, sometimes overshooting multiple times. It also meant that approaches were an overly long affair, and keeping the “time to arrival” time to 7 seconds got old really quickly.

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I wonder if a faint HUD overlay of a 3D grid with 10,000km-sided cubes would help people appreciate their speed and the distances involved.
It would only show when in warp and could be toggled off.

Edit: Sort of like this but a lot more faint and larger/less dense cubes:

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