I-Novae - News Feeds and Social Media to follow!

Perhaps you’re new to the forums, or you’ve been around a while and haven’t seen these yet.

Twitter feeds to follow. Whether it’s exclusive engine screenshots, development posts, playful banter, or conversation about space whales, you may be interested in following these Social Media feeds.

INovaeStudios - Company Feed on Twitter - https://twitter.com/INovaeStudios
@INovaeFlavien on Twitter - https://twitter.com/inovae_flavien
@INovaeKeith on Twitter - https://twitter.com/inovae_keith
@Hutchings on Twitter - https://twitter.com/HutchingsINovae
@INovaeJan on Twitter - https://twitter.com/INovae_Jan
@InovaeKimmo on Twitter - https://twitter.com/inovae_kimmo

@Hutchings on Ello - https://ello.co/danhutch
Will update when the INovaeStudios offical Ello page is up (when time permits)
Ello doesn’t have many features yet, but I enjoy the large image viewing format, art gallery-esque-ish.

INovae Studios on Youtube
Infinity Facebook Fanpage Screenshots and updates via everyones favorite face collector…
Infinity “unofficial” Fan Page Google+ (I assume they’re officially fans :wink: ) Moderated by @LucasFIN
Pimping out my Infinity Pinterest board :stuck_out_tongue: Updated regularly!

And of course the Forums and Blog… of which I assume you’re aware.
See you online, and hope you’ll be around to enjoy the Kickstarter Campaign :wink: (coming soon)

I’ll update the list as new sources arise… feel free to share others below!

Legacy - ITQFE
ModDB - At one point in history there was an updated ModDB page for the Infinity project. While very much out of date, you can still view a good selection of artwork produced by past developers, community member submissions, and old dev videos.
It is out of date, and needs updating, but if you’re new to the Infinity Universe, then I’d highly recommend you check it out.


I follow Keith. There are a few pics there.

Although not a lot is happening there (yet), you might want to include the unofficial Infinity reddit at www.reddit.com/r/infinity .

Give that Facebook page a profile picture please! :smiley:

i’m agree with this.

I wonder if you guys are planning on sending emails to people to remind them when the kickstarter is a few days from release.

And yeah, that facebook page needs a picture. The description has no mention whatsoever to Battlescape, and I won’t even mention the outdated info(ehr… ICP? Contributions?).

It could also serve beneficial to send out emails to all/any encrypted addresses from forum members of past years shortly before the Kickstarter month begins.

We still have everybody’s email address from the old forums and once we have a firm launch date for the KS we will email everyone to let them know along with posting to our main site and social media platforms.


I definitely request an eventual update on the indieDB page before too long. A lot of people regularly go there to find out about cool games that they can eventually alpha test.

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Yeah before we launch the KS we still have a mountain of social media and web related updates to do.

@INovaeFlavien’s Development blog

Part 1 of @INovaeGene’s blog: Art of Infinity

Added to OP!

@INovaeJan on Twitter - https://twitter.com/INovae_Jan
@InovaeKimmo on Twitter - https://twitter.com/inovae_kimmo

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Added Current Ello profiles featuring I-Novae artworks in a large viewing format.

@Hutchings on Ello - https://ello.co/danhutch

Digital Artist, with experience in 3DPrinting, Architectural Visualizatoin, and Game Asset Development.

Typo on your profile.

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