I-Novae Homepage Issues with Chrome

Hello all,

I have noticed that when navigating to the home page when not logged into my I-Novae account while using Chrome, the page does not load correctly. The following things do not appear to be displaying correctly:

  • The top-most links on the right side of the page (“sign out”, “contact us”).

These will only appear after you mouse over them. In other words, they are invisible until you mouse over the place where they should be. At that point they become visible without a page refresh.

  • The links directly under the aforementioned links ( “Company Overview”, “I-Novae Engine”, “Community”, etc.).

These do not appear on page load and stay hidden even after they have been moused over.

Please also note, that all of the above issues resolve themselves once you have clicked on one of the above links. For example, if one were to mouse over the space where “Infinity: Battlescape” should be and click, then they would be taken to the I:B page and everything would appear normally from then on.

There are some other text/graphical issues I have noticed, but I cannot remember them at this time, and (as I am currently logged in) I cannot view them at this time either.

Has anyone else noticed this? Again, this only seems to happen with Chrome. I tried using Firefox and everything seemed to work normally.


These are issues with the latest build of Chrome. So far I have no idea what is causing them, which means I don’t have a workaround atm, and I’ve filed a bug report with the Google Chrome team.

Wow @INovaeKeith, that was a quick reply! Thanks for the info!

I also have some things to add to my above post (I didn’t realize them until after I had posted):

  • it appears as though, to reproduce this, you must have chrome zoomed out (I was at 75%, but other zooms may work too). I say this because changing the zoom seemed to fix the issue.
  • In addition, this bug seems to be showing some non-deterministic behavior on Chrome’s part. I have tried restarting Chrome and re-navigating to the home page many times in a row, and the homepage will appear normally or with issues at a seemingly random rate.

In any case, I’m glad to hear that this is likely on Chrome’s side instead of yours (one less thing you have to fix), and thanks again for the information and quick reply!

Chrome is an awful, terrible browser.

Not quite as bad as IE, but approaching that level.

Out of interest what do you use? I use Opera yet there are some issues loading some plugins on the odd site.

I use Firefox. I was planning on trying Opera for a time until they announced they were going to start using the Blink (Webkit) renderer.

I like that Firefox lets people tinker with its internals quite happily, and that it isn’t using a completely broken implementation of Flash

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Yeah, I found this problem too. Refreshing the page once or twice also seems to fix it (sometimes).

Funny, I quit Firefox because Flash nearly always froze it in minutes. I switched to Opera (and Chrome as back-up), back in the Presto days. Opera had some awesome UI bits, and actually invented most of today’s browser design.
I was very disappointed when they switched to Blink and gutted much of its UI, and is only slowly bringing it back. But that’s what we get when neither web developers nor users saw the light…
Still, the bits left (and put back) do justify using Opera IMHO. If nothing else, the Speed Dial is quite nice to have natively, and the mouse gestures can become addictive very fast, even in today’s maimed form - I often tend to use them on other browsers by mistake.

Though despite using Blink like Chrome, it doesn’t cause problems on Discourse so far.

I still use Opera 12 … can’t do without the trash can button … and tab grouping. To post on here I use Chrome though.

Yes that used to happen occasionally, but PepperFlash in Chrome is outright broken.

As someone who works for a company that still uses Flash elements in our software, Google Chrome’s implementation frequently breaks and is a pain in the arse. We supply details of the workaround (disabling their version, usually), but we shouldn’t be having to tell customers they need to fix their browsers.

Oh, and it has no proper built-in proxy functionality, unlike Firefox, which means on certain Linux systems it simply won’t work, seemingly even through the command-line settings. Specifically, in Linux Mint, there’s no proxy settings in the UI as it tries to use the system defaults, so it suggests using a command-line argument which… doesn’t work. There’s virtually no documentation around the command-line argument, so it’s hard to tell what is supposed to make it work.

So, yeah. Screw Google Chrome.

Firefox has both.
Ctrl+Shift+T restores the last closed tab and there’s a list in History > Recently Closed Tabs.

Ctrl+Shift+E opens the tab group view. Ctrl+¬ (or `) cycles through groups.

But not a list of up to 20 tabs on the mainpage … just one click away.

Anyway thread derayling. I’ll look after my browser habbits another time. Until now nothing came close to my preferences.

If I click on the “best engine ever” youtube thumbnail-link, and close the new tab it automatically opens in, the I-Novae homepage looks and works fine again.

Well, it seems that this issue has been fixed. I’m not 100% sure, of course, but I just noticed that chrome’s scroll bars look a bit different today and thought that there might have been an update recently. I went to the I-Novae Homepage and hit refresh a bunch of times and never saw any weird behavior like I did before.

Can anyone else confirm?

Yep. All looks fine again here.

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Firefox is an awful low-framerate resource-hungry browser :stuck_out_tongue:
Really, IMHO Chrome is currently the only fast browser available.

I have far less problems with Firefox than I do with Chrome.

Since Opera 16 or 17 (they switched to Webkit/Blink at 15), I’ve encountered almost no problem with it. Including the Chrome bug here, despite sharing Blink.

And I’m not sure I want to support a browser whose developers fire someone because of their personal opinions, regardless of their professional behaviour and skills (or whether I happen to disagree with said opinions).
Y’know, freedom of speech, “I disagree with what you say but will defend your right to say it” and all that…

(And, well, I don’t have it installed anymore because Flash systematically froze it for 15 versions anyway…)

I believe he resigned…

Well, when big companies’ CEOs or national politicians are fired, they generally resign. When they are literally fired (or overthrown), generally it’s that something went very, very wrong. Compare, say, the French first minister who resigned to the Ukranian president who was ‘fired’.
Here, he was basically forced to resign and Mozilla as an organism (instead of him personally) made a declaration about why.
Everywhere I’ve seen the news reported, it was basically treated as such (Mozilla showing him the door) instead of him leaving voluntarily.