I-Novae: Engine Screenshot Thread!

Who cares about E:D. Infinity is a whole different animal, at a very different stage of its life. Comparing ring-video-success is silly.

Once the kickstarter is out we will know how much potential success it can have.
I hope that happens before Star Citizen is released, because everybody will be busy playing that game.

How I see it? I-novaes videos were mostly engine demonstration. While that is cool, most gamers don’t care about it, they want to see some pew-pew actions and actual cockpits, even if the whole thing is faked.

Take a look to what CR does in Star Citizen trailers. Most scenes they show probably are staged and will never see the light (I mean, not the SAME EXACT scene) but who cares, players drool all over it because it’s easier to imagine yourself playing it. It’s more “tangible”.

When they see your videos, they come in thinking that you’ll be showing what they will see ingame.
There isn’t much a common gamer can comment on an engine demo and that can be one of the reason of its low popularity.
Also, I highly doubt people remembered that kickstarter isn’t even out and you’ll have plenty of time to fix some graphic bugs.

(If you really want to compare rings video to E:D tho, I want to remind you the latter’s awful instances to actually enter a ring)

I agree. Ks must include at least some pewpew, even if completely staged or animated using the engine.

Music!? Who is the composer? I think it should be Kayoti; his music is excellent and has a really nice central theme.

The composer will be showing up on our “Meet the team” page soon. Stay tuned!

Wow, 10 of you guys now, are you all going to be full-time if the KS is successful?

As per usual, the funding level reached will determine that.

And for the minimum proposed funding of $500k, we can expect 2-3 guys to be working full-time?


For the kickstarter you probably have two types of people who will support this project.
You have the dedicated supporters who are going to pledge no matter what happens.
And then there is also a much much larger group of people who will pledge based on nice graphics and high expectations.
This last group is probably the group IN is aiming at by making the game look AAA like.

A large risk however is that because the kickstarter aims very low (money wise you cannot make an AAA game for 500k), this last group will soon be disappointed when their expectations are not met. This will probably result in the developers trying to add all the features they promised, creating in high stress on their part, and a game that never will be finished because of this.

So I also think that it would be better to focus more on the gameplay and not too much on rendering.
Push the fancy stuff back as goals, and have a kickstarter that is realistic. What would really help is having a demo showing that IN can do planet rendering and transitions. It would give the project a lot more credibility.

I am afraid there will be a bunch of fancy videos for the kickstarter showing things that never will be realized in real time. And after that the game will not be finished (regardless of the success of the kickstarter). Having a demo will be proof that IN can do this, and that is the ‘Elephant in the room’ at the moment.

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IIRC, that was the plan last time I heard. The idea was to have a railroaded (non-interactive) demo for everyone, where the camera follows a pre-defined path, and a free-flying demo for the backers.

That’s a big assumption. I don’t think that will happen and also don’t see the elephant.


The elephant is that IN has been busy with this project a very long time. Most people will not be convinced by a video anymore especially because IN has no track-record of other games. A demo would circumvent this. It would prove that a pledger will not be sponsoring vaporware.

We will formally announce the launch date for our Kickstarter campaign with the release of a demo. For the first time since the Infinity Combat Prototype (ICP) you will be able to download a copy of the I-Novae Engine and run it on your computer at home! This demo will require a pretty beefy system, the exact specs to be determined, as we will have all of the shiny stuff turned on. It also will not be fully interactive but will instead contain scripted camera motion across 1 or 2 planets/moons.


That is a blog from one year ago. It also states that the kickstarter would be first half of 2014.

A demo has to be beta tested before the kickstarter. Given that there has been no news on this it would be great is the goal of having a demo can be reconfirmed by IN.

[quote=“asimo, post:149, topic:582”]
So I also think that it would be better to focus more on the gameplay and not too much on rendering.[/quote]

Note that they show us the occasional bit of rendering, and they also mention the occasional bit of gameplay. They’re working on both, but they need the rendering for the Kickstarter. In contrast, they can just talk about the gameplay while depicting it with actual rendering. Ship arriving in star port to trade (no trading interface). Ships blasting away at each other (no aiming or damage calculations). And so on.

I think the need for a Kickstarter at all is a result of wanting those amazing visuals. If Flavien had started with the gameplay and implemented “good enough” visuals, he’d have been running a one-man gaming company for years now. He could have improved both gameplay and visuals all along, and he’d have been able to draw a steady stream of new players from all the improvements. It would have allowed fine-tuning of gameplay per player behavior, and fine-tuning of visuals in areas that players really cared about.

Coulda woulda shoulda.

But I’ve said all this before, about getting something out there and of incrementally improving it. I don’t agree with the “build it in secret, then dump the earth-shattering results in one fell swoop” approach. AAA studios do that all the time - and their results constantly go down in flames.

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This will be our strategy after we launch our KS campaign.

If we only raise the minimum then yes, the full-time team will probably be 2-3 people.

Do you have a plan like Steam Early Access or an angel investor if the KS fails?

All our focus atm is on the crowd funding campaign. Steam early access could certainly be a possibility, however we’d be working unfunded for a period of time preparing for that.

I can`t let you guys get spoiled with too many screenshots, the novelty will wear off :wink: I should probably wait longer than a week this time, but here is another pretty one to keep you satisfied.

Not sure what to call this one?
Bluish planet (Foreground) Orbiting a Bluish Gas Giant (mid) orbiting a blue giant star in the background.

That’s all, for now…


Loving the magenta sunset! Does the foreground planet have an Earth-like atmosphere? Or are we looking at something a little more exotic?