I-Novae: Engine Screenshot Thread!

The way they’ve been presented, yes.

Care to share what exactly with the rest of the class?

I agree.
Large ships operating in atmosphere could have some sort of agility/speed/shield penalty applied.

A way around that - and, more importantly, around why battleship weapons don’t have the impact of a Tsar Bomba by projectile when impacting the ground - is that weapons are specialized around destroying ships. Conversely, armour is specialized around stopping ship-killing attacks.
So projectiles don’t need that much energy to wreck a ship, proportionally. And armour may not withstand environmental hazards like dense atmosphere well because it’s not built for it.
This reply is in no case an endorsement of the use of the Imperial system, and the author decline responsibility for any capital ship crashing in said atmosphere due to its use.

That said, instead of forbidding capital ships to enter atmosphere, I would also go for the more progressive route: they can enter atmosphere, but take penalties when doing it. Because you don’t move a 1km3 object through an atmosphere at mach 3 in impunity. Hell, even turning around would cause some serious air movement.
So most of the time, it would be plain useless and not done, but it would leave the possibility (like, say, to hide) to do it.
Also, some handwave would be needed to explain why a capship moving in atmosphere like in this video don’t cause massive meteorological catastrophes in its wake (and why it’s not implemented in the game).

A limit could also be set to the max gravity a ship can hover at, but then big Jovian worlds would be forbidden to them, regardless of atmospheric level.

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Why are you trying so hard to protect from battleship impacts, battle in the atmosphere, entering the atmosphere and all other things that are so obviously possible, yet you don’t really want them happening.

In this world we live in, if somebody had the ability to warp into a planet they would for being pissed at a loss at the local casino. Any car in this world is a killing machine any gun even more obviously so. Yet, guns don’t come with FOF systems and cars don’t come with speed limit enforcement systems.

The way you deal with this problems is that you introduce laws, consequences and training, that is it.

Don’t try so hard to fix with game lore, to the point of changing physics and making a totally unbelievable fiction, something that needs no fixing.

In a game you can simply just disable ship controls once it comes close to the surface, pitch up on auto and everybody will accept that, then there won’t be any crashing into cities. In a game world, you can enforce laws mercilessly, unconditionally and immediately, to the point of banning people for certain exploits.

In IBS I really don’t see a reason for not allowing shooting at cities or battleships entering the atmosphere, this planet is supposed to be some fringe mining/resupply system, that will probably reset every now and again.

In the MMO, you disable weapons and you disable controls, displaying a little “It’s against the law.”…

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I’d argue that calling it illeagal and enforcing it with all-seeing omnipotent game-mechanic-police is more unbelievable and immersion breaking than contrived physics.

You are not enforcing it with “police”, you are enforcing it with the training and conscience of the pilot and crew that is flying the ship, where you the player are the omnipotent god, giving orders and sometimes having to be overridden. :wink:

So your pirate crew that is okay with some illegal activities like shooting at innocent cargo haulers and general piracy are not ok with a victimless crime like landing on an uninhabited backwater planet?

No. You’re the captain, you chose the crew. If anyone disobeys orders, they’re out.

So it takes one suicidal co-pilot that practiced a suicide airliner crash, months ahead, then locked out the only other person that is in the cockpit with him and then making such a impact on the world with his actions that laws, regulations, training and procedures are changed, so that it can not happen again…

You really need to draw a line between the “game” and “real” world.

To put it in your setting, they will kill you without thought if you order a suicide crash into a city and their deaths. :wink:

I like that. I like that a lot. Simple, intuitive. It makes sense at a glance. It also fits with Infinity’s ‘everyship can do anything, but not always well’ tone. You could assault that ground base with a destroyer, but a flight of corvettes would be more efficient.

The physics and aerodynamics systems in INE should take care of that by default.

In my setting the order was to land safely on an uninhabited planet…

Semantics @hrobertson, my post would be 10k words if I was to address every single RP and game-play consequence that you can think of.

Alright, it’s not against the law to land outside cities, populated areas or something, add some salt, please.

His point is that your scenario is as arbitrary and unrealistic as JB’s was.

What’s to stop a character/captain that doesn’t care if it’s against the law or not?

No, its not semantics. Any game mechanic has to be consistent.

I cant argue this when you’re contradicting yourself.

LMFAO, my scenario is unrealistic and I’m contradicting myself? And you just wanna argue for argument sake…

In reality, yes this one that we live in, only thing preventing you from doing “forbidden” or “unwanted” things considered by society is a bunch of laws, consequences and your own conscience.

And that is what I’m saying is a perfectly valid explanation for the rules set by the devs, displaying a “Sorry, this is illegal.” or “Sorry, your crew won’t allow this.” is good enough, maybe even better than good enough as nothing needs to be displayed, you just can’t do what is not implemented or wanted by the devs.

This reply is in no case an endorsement of the use of the
Imperial system, and the author decline responsibility for any capital
ship crashing in said atmosphere due to its use.

What i did enjoy was the Mass Effect codex voiceovers. Pretty neat.


Heavily wondering why this still has not been mentioned already. This game is all about huge space-battleships fighting near planets surface…

Also debating about why larger ships should not be able or allowed to land on planets is a bit bullsh*t.

  1. What about giant cargo ships, they need to be loaded somewhere
  2. Every discussion about possibility or technology in the distant future is speculative
  3. At the end of the day it’s still a game that should be fun and awesome to play

I am definitly with @hrobertson here. I like the idea of a vertical landing procedure for bigger ships.
This should be fun when you implement some sort of specific landing area on the ground and you need absolute precision to nail the landing - like a big freighter today.

Here is an artwork from Daniel Graffenberger aka Talros that envisions it perfectly.


“Vertical ship” idea dates back to the old forums, iirc @Timmon26 did some nice work on that, the whole ship is designed like a rocket, the “floors” are horizontal on a vertical ship (like a building), point being that by doing this you are creating “gravity” as you accelerate with your main engines, so no need for magic gravity plating. So I suppose the “vertical landing” would be, landing with your main engines at the bottom, I really couldn’t imagine a huge hauler landing on a runway in any case…

As for the Drednaught, I think it has been mentioned, if not here, we have certainly discussed it on IRC. Interesting game as it has huge “spaceships”, yet the gameplay seems to be WOT with WOW role classes. Still gonna try it when releases. :smiley:

Everyone should go back to gameplay and envision this as a board game. This should be a question of gameplay and nothing else. Is capships flying deep inside the atmosphere overshadowing some essential parts of the rest of the gameplay? Would the gameplay in general get better if we limit where certain ships can move, by maybe demanding more interactions with other gameplay parts?

If the answer is yes … then the big play things maybe shouldn’t be able to move into the amtosphere to make the game better.

And concerning the screenshots. Even if you see capships in low earth orbit in the video and screenshots and in the end … or earlier … decide against it. I think a lot of people will be ok with it and a lot mad. But I think it would be worth the risk.

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Another argument for capships staying at orbital altitude (either by pragmatism or impossibility) is that the biggest capships would be better with long-range weapons - a range of dozens if not hundreds of km. Giant capships would still be clearly visible at this range, and it would look better than the ridiculous SWIII claustrophobic melee of an opening scene.
At 200km, a 30km space station is about the apparent size of a plate held at arm’s length, actually. The biggest weapons could have an even longer range than that.

So they wouldn’t need to go in the atmosphere in the first place to attack surface targets.

Whether this would be efficient against an entrenched planetary fortress vs smaller ships able to slip under its shield/defence envelope is another matter, of course.