I-novae engine potential?

Say I wanted to make a hybrid game that took MMO-RTS elements from a game called “Shattered Galaxy” and fused it with i-novae. Would this be possible? Could I segment the planets into hexagons, to be playable maps, for both land/air, and then space? Could I limit the number of playable planets to…20 solar systems?

I don’t want to start putting words into the mouths of anyone at I-Novae, but I’m pretty sure what you’re asking is somewhat basic stuff. If you didn’t have the ability to design your own maps and GUIs with the engine, it would kind of defeat the whole point of it existing. Course, you’d (probably) have to code most of that yourself, same with all game engines out there.

*Unless you’re asking for the ability to cut and paste code right out of another game and expect it to work, good luck with that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aside from the fact that we’re currently only licensing our tech to established companies the answer to all of your questions is: yes.

I’d love for a game like, Sins of a Solar Empire, to use an engine like this. :3 that would be beautiful, I’ve always wanted to see super detail <3

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Homeworld 3 keith pls

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That would be glorious. Probably not happening, though, unless by a a really talented and motivated mod team.

FreeSpace III with this sort of engine would make me drool uncontrollably.

Homeworld 3 is already being done (sort of). They were doing it under a different name but they’ve now been given permission to use it I think.

Homeworld prequel.

It’s ground-based combat, not a true 3D space RTS game.

And a remake of the first Homeworld, IIRC.
That said, a good remake of Homeworld 1 and 2, that manages to correctly include Cataclysm, in the I-Novae Engine… well, one can dream.

Something else I’d love to see would be the Freespace 2 mod Diaspora (BSG setting) with the INE. Having to choose between newtonian flight and powered engines was one of the most cruel game design elements I’ve seen since SupCom’s last UEF mission.

The primary issue with Homeworld is that we don’t own the IP. We could, however, create a similar game with a different name but we’re currently not moving in the RTS direction (though many on the dev team love RTS’s).

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A game like Homeworld would work so perfectly in this engine. Pretty much anything. How well would it be able to handle an FPS though? Doing a game like planetside would be ridiculously good on this engine.

I have a feeling that it would be able to handle a planetside-like game rather well. Looking at the environments we saw in the Rocky Earth Like Planet video, that’s more than detailed enough for an FPS (and could probably get even more detailed if the game was limited to one or very few planets).

It will, once instancing is fully implemented. Rocks, foliage, other ground details, etc…

How many planets have trees? This solar system only has one planet with trees.

I’d expect most planets within the so-called Goldilock Zone would have some sort of vegetation… How many planets that would be inside that zone is however unknown…

Well flying in only fighters, bombers and corvettes might get boring in Battlescape so allowing capital ship control would be a logical step even if it means adding an RTS style interface. I bet capital ship control is going to be a stretch goal for the Kickstarter campaign.

Maybe even another stretch goal for fleet commanders. It would be interesting that on the flagship there was the ship captain and the commander controlling the fleet.

I doubt that very much…

The original ICP Battlescape back in 2008/2009 had Capital Ship/Carrier’s which you could control multiple hardpoints with. So I’m not sure as to why it wouldn’t be in Battlescape.

One developer from I-Novae Studios team stated that players will not be able to control capital ships in Battlescape. I do not remember who that was.

Keith recently said that playable capital ships acting as mobile spawn points would probably be a stretch goal, though nothing is set in stone yet.

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