I novae engine feature requests list

Yes…Gameplay, Gameplay, Gameplay, First and foremost.

If INS get this right (and I think they have a very unique opportunity here), the future should look very bright.


I just dont think applying arenas battle styles to an engine with this dimensions is the right way to do it. its like just joking with all this gaming thing. i think all this engine organization is beeing badly oriented. is someone undervaluing this engine potential and capacity so they just get their hands in it cheaper?

At the end of the day, even if it’s home-made, the engine is just a tool. It’s making a damn good game that will make money because it’s marketable to the general public across the world - a much larger market.

Yes, the I-Novae engine has a huge amount of potential, but the company is still small, unknown and kind of mistrusted. They need the money from a successful game to catapult them into making bigger and better projects.

This in itself is a challenge in such a crowded market, so I agree that engine features should not be priority right now. The combination of features it already has are pretty groundbreaking.

So, as said previously, gameplay, gameplay, gameplay! (For now…)

I’m still waiting for the full MMO that will point at Elite’s limitations and laugh hysterically. :smile: But I:B will keep me occupied in the meantime!


Finishing I:B on time and as described in the kickstarter, and then gaining great reviews. This will be I-Novae engines way forward to bigger and better things including licensing the engine.

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lol, gameplay… pfff… yes gameplay should be balanced and it should be the biggest concern of any dev team, after they have a game. so far, this cant even be called a game, is something, its a pseudo-game, its 5% of a game. they needed a guy like me, an idiot, an overflowing mind with ideas, to create a game, but guess what, they needed patches. everybody knows you have to patch your games with the updates that come along, do you really have to tells us you patched it every time you change a lane in the code? this project has become just like blizzard, kids making video-games for other kids. but ill help you dude, look what you have been missing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQME7h2OYJQ ideas.

Weather systems with 3D clouds:

This is something I would definitely back. (but it took 2 years to develop, so maybe not).

The tech is for sale though, not sure if it would be possible to integrate in I-Novae Engine.


I looks like it’s a mod for FSX and P3D only though. Weather and realistic clouds always seem to be the achilles heel of game dev :stuck_out_tongue: If they can simulate procedural cloud maps across an entire planet so that every player sees roughly the same weather pattern then that would be amazing.