I-Novae Community Events


These vids should be shared on the public part of the forum.


I’m planning on making an edited compilation, once we’ve had a few meet ups.

I’d like to see at least 30 participants, more would be better.


Another pre-alpha patch is on the horizon, and I’d like to get another official meetup organized around the same time as the patch release. (Possibly the same weend, or following weekend)

As soon as I have a definitive date for the next patch, I’ll organize another meet up on this thread. Stay tuned!


Are we going to get a few days to play around with the new weapons before the rest of the Alpha backers? I keep missing these events due to RL…

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yes, probably 1-2 weeks in advance.

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Information for another Informal community Event Below.

I-Novae Community Event

Sunday, March 4th 2018 : Casual in game Meetup “No.3”

Event Time…
20:00 Sunday, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
World time Buddy Event http://bit.ly/2HSzUdF

The event will officially run for 1 hour
I may host an official I-Novae stream for the event (may be private as a trial run)

Event Schedule :heart_eyes:

  • Join the Red Team

  • The Gathering: Spawn a small ship and meet up with everyone in game. (Location TBD)

  • Bomber Attack run, Playing with missile and torpedo systems

  • Armada formation flight with the new ship meshes

  • Anything could happen…

Again, this will likely take us beyond the 1 hour run-time

Weekly Update #100
Weekly Update #100

I might come too late but ill try to get there.


Ok, helps if you can read, Sunday, not Saturday, lol…


I suggest picking the TEAM GREEN.



Easier to co-ordinate if we can all see each other during this one :wink:

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Green iz best!


It appears that with the bomber, i can fire 6 missiles in a row, but only one torpedo at a time. I think it is supposed to be the other way round to attack and kill capships?

Also, torpedos need an active lock to be fired, not sure that is wanted, i thought they are dumbfire?

Can confirm torpedos oneshot interceptor and bomber from full shields - which is good i think.


However, at a range where you have a realistic chance to hit a capship with a torpedo, you are more likely to blow yourself up in the torpedo damage sphere than do significant damage to the capship.

And if you use energy guns for any combat, you still get instant killed by anyone who waits for you in warp.


Can confirm…killed myself like 20 times trying to land a torpedo, only to blow myself up with the explosion :frowning_face:


I made time for the event today yesterday, was quite looking forward to being able to play with a bunch of people instead of the odd one on one and predictable engagements with bots but when I showed up in time I was surprised by a new patch. Sadly not pleasantly. Due to this, I was not able to participate in the event even though I specifically had arranged for such. Last time I checked the forum and discord was about 3 hours beforehand, after that I was occupied.

You can watch me waiting here …
I was streaming for so long YouTube even cut off the first 45 minutes of waiting for the patch to download.
(Edit: Apparently it did add it after a while)(Download speed averaged 250kB/s in the first 45 minutes)

This is not due to my internet connection or the fact that I was streaming, every patch takes this long to load for me and quite a few other dev access backers have this issue.

Even at half my maximum speed to the east coast it would have taken only about half an hour to download that patch. Not nearly two hours.

So please co-ordinate this better, I gladly test new patches, I even have time this evening to test this patch … just got really disappointed when I realised that I wasn’t able to join the event.

Thanks to @thelazyjaguar, @wargrim and @INovaeHutchings for staying on a little longer. Still enjoyed trying out the new patch, new server and flying around with some fellow backers.

Here’s the rest of the Stream with some fun first impressions of


Yeah, that was pretty bad timing from us, I apologize for that. Unfortunately there was a conjunction of conditions that put pressure on us to release earlier than monday; the need to test the CDN code asap ( Keith has been waiting all week long in order for this new patch, to be able to test the cdn code ); also the fact that the alpha week-end will start next friday, and we can’t risk releasing a new patch on friday; which means the next patch must be released on thirsday, worst casae. Which means that if we had delayed, there would have been only 3 days between successive patches ( monday to thirsday ).

Hopefully this conjunction will not happen again, we’ll definitely try to release sooner than later next time(s) :wink: and if cdns are giving a speedup, you’ll download the files more quickly too.

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“getting ROKKED!”
Short clip from one of the dev streams.


He all!

Near the end of the last event, we were at Solus base on Aresthea for a stack.

I think there was about 15 ships, 2 cruisers, the rest were mostly interceptors, bombers and a couple of corvettes.
Majority of ships were from the red faction. One of the cruisers parked in the bay with the other ships hanging or flying around it.

The lighting at this location lit the geometry and the surroundings beautifully making the colours of the ships really pop.
On top of this, it perfectly showed the scale of the different ships in relation to one another and the environment.

It was glorious to behold.

We then started flying low over the landscape, matching velocity with Dan or Keith, accelerating slowly, then turning at a slight angle towards the sky, leaving the base behind us with beautifully backlit trails as a bunch of mostly red, some green interceptors, bombers and corvettes jumped to warp.

In that moment I was ecstatic and all kinds of happy, satisfied and I felt complete, not joking here.

Then I hit a button to stop recording and with horror realised that I did not hit record for that last bit at Solus base on Aresthia and I’ll hate myself forever for being so stupid.

The rest of the filming went beautifully. I have more epic battle sequences then I could have dreamt for. I have some editing to do still, after having spent this past week editing down from over 400 clips to just the best bits.

I can’t wait to share those with you guys and you can expect a stream of even cooler shots, gifs and clips incoming.

So for the next community event, I would like to put in a request for a repeat of that last bit
at Solus base from last time

Also, if any one else has footage of that last bit at Solus base, please let me know. 2560x1440 would be perfect.



A collection of hectic, dense battle-clips. I have a surplus of shots like these.

Exploration and planetary (eye-candy) shots, footage from the other stations (like the awesome battle at
Zephyr staion), bases and factories as well as a bunch of less dense scenes, are being added to the mix
for the final iterations.

I just rendered this bit to give you guys something to chew on in the meantime.