How is the recent progress of the game?

I’ve been looking into this game 3 years ago from a Chinese BBS. I’m just wondering if the game is still in development.

Yes, it is still in development. Actually you could say the engine is in development. There has been no gameplay development.

Which game, Infinity the MMO? That has been put on hold, although progress on Infinity: Battlescape (~System wide Planetside 2) equals to some progress on the MMO.

To be clear, they certainly have a gameplay design laid out for the arena game Infinity:Battlescape. They’ve dropped comments about how that game will work. We will have to wait for the Kickstarter to see if they plan to tell us how the game will actually play out, or if they’re just going to show us scenes of ships shooting at each other, interspersed with dramatically-lit scenes of ships gracefully drifting through a ring system or across a planet surface at star-rise. Accompanied by a voice-over saying how ground-breaking it will all be.

Only a clear statement of gameplay will attract my money. It doesn’t have to be in the video, but it needs to be in the Kickstarter.

A “Game” without a good game play is just impossible to succeed. I’ve so naively wrote a pile of text on the Chinese BBS about how the game should go 3 years ago… Turns out I feel pretty slammed in the face reading it again… hahaha